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Are you feeling restless in your own home because of consistent plumbing problems? Is your business losing profits due to a leak that is driving up your water bills? Whether you need residential or commercial plumbing services in Collierville, Mr. Rooter Plumbing can handle the job. The Mr. Rooter® Plumbing name is famous across the country for combining professional service quality, courteous plumbing technicians, and truly competitive prices.

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Great Collierville Plumbers for Your Entire Home

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Memphis, our core objective is to instill confidence in the health of your pipes. We make it our mission to clearly communicate essential repairs, ongoing maintenance, and installations that will optimize your entire plumbing system. With our unwavering commitment to transparent pricing, free estimates, and a professional approach, it's no wonder we're known to be the best!

Our licensed plumbers are no strangers to even the oddest plumbing jobs out there. No matter what plumbing problem is happening in your home, don't hesitate to let us know about it. The truth is we have seen something very much like it before and know what to do to solve it. From repairs and replacements to installations and maintenance, we really do handle all residential plumbing in Collierville, TN.

To name only a few of our residential plumbing services:

  • Plumbing diagnosis: What is wrong with your plumbing system? When you aren't sure, we can deliver the answers with our comprehensive plumbing diagnosis and inspection service.
  • Plumbing repairs: Damaged pipes in your home can cause leaks, increased water bills, mold growth, and a variety of other problems. Get them all repaired and in a hurry with our residential services.
  • Sump pump repair: Trust us for efficient and reliable sump pump repairs, ensuring your home remains safeguarded against water damage.
  • Toilet repair: Our skilled plumbers are adept at promptly diagnosing and fixing toilet issues, ensuring your bathroom functions smoothly.
  • Drain service: Say goodbye to stubborn clogs and slow drains with our professional drain services, keeping your plumbing system running smoothly.
  • Pipe repair: From minor leaks to major pipe issues, our residential pipe repair services are designed to address and resolve plumbing issues with precision.
  • Shower installation: Upgrade your bathroom with our expert shower installation services, combining functionality and style for a revitalized bathing experience.

Is your Collierville plumbing bill higher than normal? It could be a sign you need a plumbing repair for a leak in your system.

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              Drain Cleaning in Collierville, TN

              At our disposal, we boast cutting-edge tools and technology that stand at the forefront of the industry, designed specifically to tackle even the most stubborn clogs within drains. Our HydroScrub® jetting tool is a testament to our commitment to excellence, offering a revolutionary solution that goes beyond mere drain clearance.

              Imagine a scenario where not only is your drain effectively cleared of any obstruction, but it is also simultaneously and thoroughly cleaned. This remarkable dual functionality sets our HydroScrub® Jetting tool apart from conventional methods. As high-pressure water is directed into the drain, it not only dislodges and removes the toughest clogs but also eliminates any accumulated debris or residue along the inner walls of the pipes.

              This innovative process ensures a comprehensive and lasting solution to your drainage issues. The HydroScrub® Jetting tool's precision and power result in a drain system that flows freely and maintains optimal cleanliness. This not only resolves the immediate problem but also serves as a preventive measure, minimizing the likelihood of future clogs and ensuring the long-term health of your drainage system.

              Our commitment to employing industry-leading tools underscores our dedication to providing efficient, effective, and forward-thinking solutions for our customers. When you choose our drain cleaning services, you're not just investing in a quick fix; you're investing in the longevity and reliability of your drainage infrastructure. Experience the difference that cutting-edge technology can make in resolving drain issues with our HydroScrub® jetting tool – where clog removal meets comprehensive cleaning for unparalleled results.

              Hot Water Heater Repair and Replacement

              Rediscover the comforting warmth of a rejuvenated water heater with the expertise of our highly skilled repair plumbers. We understand the inconvenience of enduring cold showers and the frustration of a malfunctioning water heater, and that's why our team is dedicated to restoring your appliance to its optimal functionality.

              Our Collierville plumbers are equipped with a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience, making them adept at diagnosing and resolving a wide array of issues that may plague your water heating system. From heating element malfunctions to thermostat issues, we have the expertise to pinpoint the problem and implement swift, effective solutions.

              Picture this: no more shivers of apprehension about stepping into icy water during your morning shower. Our Collierville plumbers are committed to bringing your water heater back to life, ensuring it operates with the efficiency and reliability reminiscent of its brand-new state. We understand the importance of a consistently functioning water heater, especially in colder seasons, and we take pride in our ability to provide prompt and reliable repair services.

              Don't let a malfunctioning water heater disrupt your daily routine any longer. Take the first step towards restoring the warmth in your home by reaching out to our dedicated team of professionals. With just a simple phone call, you can initiate the process of having your water heater expertly repaired, allowing you to bid farewell to chilly showers and welcome back the comfort of a reliably heated water supply. Dial now and let our water heater repair plumbers transform your appliance, bringing back the luxury of hot showers and ensuring your daily routine remains uninterrupted.

              Copper Pinhole Leaks

              Bid farewell to the persistent nuisance of copper pinhole leaks with the specialized skills of our experienced plumbers. If you've been dealing with unexpected water damage, low water pressure, or unexplained increases in your water bill, it could be indicative of a copper pinhole leak area compromising the integrity of your plumbing system. Don't let these tiny but troublesome leaks disrupt your daily life—take action now!

              Our team of expert plumbers is well-versed in the intricacies of identifying and repairing copper pinhole leaks. These seemingly minor perforations can lead to major issues over time, causing structural damage, mold growth, and a host of other problems if left unaddressed. Fortunately, our Collierville plumbers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to detect these elusive leaks and provide effective solutions.

              Imagine a home where leaks are swiftly identified and repaired, preventing the escalation of water damage and safeguarding the structural integrity of your property. Our Collierville plumbers are committed to fixing the visible symptoms and addressing the root causes of copper pinhole leaks. With their expertise, they can implement targeted repairs, ensuring that your plumbing system is restored to a condition akin to its initial installation.

              Don't allow copper pinhole leaks to erode the reliability of your plumbing system any longer. Take the proactive step of reaching out to our skilled plumbers, and you can look forward to a home free from the consequences of these elusive leaks. Whether you're experiencing water stains, reduced water pressure, or unexplained increases in water usage, our team is ready to diagnose the issue and provide efficient, lasting solutions. Act now to preserve the integrity of your plumbing and enjoy a leak-free environment once again.

              Trusted Commercial Plumbers in Collierville

              Your business needs fully functional plumbing just as much as your home does. Thankfully, you still only need one plumber to handle any and all plumbing issues around your commercial property: Mr. Rooter Plumbing. Commercial plumbing systems are usually much larger and much more complex than similar systems found in residential homes. Our plumbing technicians are familiar with these different systems, letting us repair, maintain, and install plumbing equipment that some of our competitors have never seen before.

              Call if your commercial property needs any of these services:

              • Gas line repair
              • Grease trap replacement
              • Sewer line repair
              • Drain cleaning
              • Water line repair
              • Boiler service
              • And more!

              Common Plumbing Emergencies

              Mr. Rooter Plumbing provides 24/7 access to experienced emergency plumbers, including weekends and holidays. We prioritize quick resolution to prevent damage to your property. Our comprehensive emergency services cover various issues like clogged drains, water heater malfunctions, leaks, and urgent toilet problems. Our dedicated team efficiently addresses your needs, offering both skilled professionals and peace of mind. Trust Mr. Rooter Plumbing to restore normalcy during plumbing emergencies promptly.

              Most Common Plumbing Problems

              With our years of plumbing experience, we have seen a wide variety of jobs and plumbers in Collierville, TN. Every plumbing service is different than the next, of course, but we have seen enough to recognize what tends to cause homeowners problems more often than not.

              Here are the four most common plumbing problems we've encountered in Collierville:

              • Broken toilet: Does your toilet continually make a sound like it is always running water? There is probably something wrong with the flapper valve in the tank. Sometimes, fixing the flapper valve is as simple as readjusting its positioning in the tank. Other times, an underlying problem requires a professional plumber's attention.
              • Leaky faucet: If you are losing sleep due to a leaky faucet, you are not alone. Faucets that constantly drip are all too common. The problem can often be traced to a problem with the washer, which is a simple fix. However, a drip from a pipe below the sink is a much different issue that should prompt you to call a plumber immediately.
              • Ineffective water heater: Running out of hot water in the middle of a shower is sure to frustrate anyone. If you have a home with multiple family members, then the last person to shower is almost guaranteed not to get enough hot water. A great way to solve the problem is by replacing your water heater with a new, upgraded system.
              • Weak water pressure: Other than taking a cold shower, taking one with low water pressure is also highly unpleasant. You might take 20 minutes just to wash the shampoo from your hair. Solving a water pressure issue usually starts with a full plumbing inspection, as multiple problems could be contributing to it.

              Have any of these plumbing headaches or something else? You know Mr. Rooter Plumbing can take care of it.

              Take Control of Your Plumbing Destiny: Partner with Mr. Rooter Plumbing for Efficient Solutions and Lasting Savings!

              At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Memphis, we go beyond fixing plumbing issues; we strive to minimize water bills and ensure the efficient operation of your water system. Our licensed professionals handle a spectrum of challenges, from installing energy-efficient water heaters to promptly resolving leaks. Whether routine maintenance or extensive pipe replacements, we offer comprehensive solutions for optimal water system performance, delivering immediate issue resolution and long-term benefits from our plumbers in Collierville, TN. 

              Reach out to our customer service representative today, and let us be your trusted partner in maintaining a reliable and water-efficient plumbing system for your home or business.

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