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Winter is a beautiful time of snow and holiday traditions. Don’t let frozen pipes put a damper on the winter fun. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mid-Michigan offers frozen pipe repairs in Mount Pleasant, MI. We’ll help you prevent frozen pipes to avoid costly issues. When frozen pipes burst, they often cause damage to your home. When the water in the frozen pipes starts to thaw, the pressure begins to build and can split the pipe. Let our plumbing service professionals help you with frozen pipe repairs. Contact us today to request an estimate on frozen pipe repairs.

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Common Causes of Burst Pipes

Frozen pipes occur when the water reaches freezing temperatures. The pressure inside a frozen pipe can build to over 3,000 psi. This pressure often causes the pipe to burst and flood the area. The most common reasons that pipes freeze and burst include the following:

  • Extreme Temperature – When the temperature around your pipes drops below freezing, the water inside starts to freeze and expand.
  • Poor Insulation – If your pipes don’t have adequate insulation, they’re at a higher risk of freezing.
  • Corrosion – Corroded and damaged pipes often have weak spots in the piping that make them
  • more susceptible to bursting.

Are My Pipes Frozen?

The most common indicator that your pipes may be frozen is visible ice buildup. Other common signs you may have frozen pipes include the following:

  • Low to No Water Flow – If you turn your faucet on and experience low to no water flow, there may be ice in the water line preventing normal water flow.
  • Strange Noises – Gurgling and bubbling sounds in your pipes often indicate air bubbles that form due to an ice blockage.
  • Low-Temperature Readings – When you place a thermometer near the suspected blocked areas, the temperature is typically much lower than room temperature.

Essential Frozen Pipe Repairs

If you notice signs of a frozen pipe, it’s vital to contact our professionals as soon as possible. A burst pipe can release four to eight gallons of water each minute. Even if you act quickly, a burst pipe can cause thousands of dollars of water damage. We recommend taking the following steps if your pipes are frozen:

  • Inspect exposed piping for any ice buildup.
  • Turn on the hot water of any plumbing fixtures that are located near the frozen lines.
  • Apply heat via a hair dryer, space heater, or heat lamp directly onto the frozen pipe.
  • Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mid-Michigan immediately.

Frozen Pipe Prevention Tips

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mid-Michigan works with you to help prevent frozen pipes in your home. It only takes a small amount of time to apply these frozen pipe prevention methods during the winter. The following tips will help prevent frozen pipes in your home:

  • Get preventative plumbing maintenance to ensure your plumbing is prepared for cooler temperatures.
  • Place a small fan near the pipes to keep air flowing.
  • Open your faucets to let a tiny amount of cold water run.
  • Open the cabinet doors for air circulation.
  • Properly insulate your exposed or external pipes.
  • Check your window seals and door seals for proper sealing.
  • When away during the winter, set your thermostat no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Drain the water out of your sprinkler system in the fall.
  • Disconnect and drain any outdoor hoses and water spigots.

Should I Try Thawing My Own Pipes?

We do not recommend trying to thaw your own frozen pipes without our professional help. There is a risk of electrocution when unthawing frozen pipes. It’s important to contact our service professionals to unthaw your frozen pipes with the expertise and correct equipment. We work quickly to help stop further damage from frozen or burst pipes.

Contact Us for Frozen Pipe Repairs

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mid-Michigan helps unfreeze pipes in Clare, Mount Pleasant, and Big Rapids, MI. We will take the necessary steps to ensure your plumbing is ready for the colder winter air to help prevent damage from burst pipes. Our service professionals always offer upfront pricing on our plumbing services. We work quickly to find effective plumbing solutions. If you notice any signs of a frozen pipe, we are here for you. Contact us today to get frozen pipe repair services.

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