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Common Plumbing Issues & Problems

Our expert plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of New Braunfels have years of experience helping our customers with a variety of plumbing repairs. Not only will we get the job done the first time around, but we also try to determine the most affordable way to resolve the issue.

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The following are the most common types of plumbing repairs our team handles:

  • Pipe repair – From leaking to frozen pipes, we can repair both appliances and pipes to resolve the issue and prevent water damage to your home.
  • Sink repair – Whether your sink is in poor shape or has a foul odor, our team can provide both cosmetic and mechanical service. Call us about our drain rooter services!
  • Garbage disposal repair – If you are experiencing a stubborn clog, harsh noises, or foul odors from your garbage disposal, we can get it back up and running in no time.
  • Water heater repair – Whether your water heater cannot produce warm water or suffered a burst, not only can we repair the problem, but we can also install various types of water heaters.
  • Well pump repair – Your home cannot have a consistent water supply without a functioning well pump, which why we know how to repair any type of well pump problem.
  • Sump pump repair – Sump pump prevent your basement from flooding and protect your home from storms and heavy rains. If your sump pump is not working properly, give Mr. Rooter Plumbing of New Braunfels a call for immediate repairs.

If you are experiencing a residential or commercial plumbing issue that requires professional help, look no further than Mr. Rooter Plumbing of New Braunfels for effective and immediate repairs. No matter what time of day the problem arises, we offer our customers emergency plumber services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Frequently Asked Questions


If your toilet is clogged really often, it could be caused by several things, including flushing the incorrect substance or object down the toilet. For example, floss, feminine napkins, and cotton swabs should never be flushed down a toilet.

If it’s not substances or objects causing the problem, you could have a broken flapper, a blocked plumbing vent, an older toilet, a sewer line issue, or something stuck in the S-trap.


The minerals from your tap water will create a white buildup over time on your faucets. To remove it, create a solution of half warm water and half vinegar. Soak a towel in the solution and wrap the towel around your faucet for about 5-10 minutes. Wipe off the residue with a soft sponge or clean towel to remove the solution and any remaining buildup.


If your water bill is higher than usual, it usually indicates a problem. You either have a leaky faucet in your house or a leak you haven’t detected yet, which could cause expensive issues like water damage. Call a plumber as soon as possible to locate and repair the source of the leak.

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Mr. Rooter Plumbing of New Braunfels can make the necessary plumbing repairs to give your home or office building peace and comfort back. To ensure they don’t need to call us again for another repair soon, we offer inspection and maintenance services to keep their plumbing system performing at peak efficiency for years or decades to come.

Here are several benefits of hiring Mr. Rooter Plumbing of New Braunfels:

  • Our plumbing technicians are licensed, insured and trained to handle a wide range of plumbing repairs
  • We offer our customers in-home estimates and upfront flat-rate pricing
  • We offer the same prices during the weekends and holidays
  • We have special offers on various plumbing repairs
  • We offer convenient and flexible appointment times
  • We're backed by a great reputation throughout New Braunfels

With decades of experience helping customers throughout the area, we know what it takes to fix the problem in a timely and cost-effective manner, as well as build relationships that last a lifetime.

Call us to learn about our plumbing repair services. Or request an estimate online today. We look forward to serving you.

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