Water Softener Services in the Newberg, Oregon Area

Your water quality is a crucial part of your home. It affects your health and can help keep your appliances clean. Oregon is lucky to have some of the best tap water in the United States; however, water hardness is an essential part of your water quality, which is easy to overlook. Most homeowners are familiar with how hard water levels can be damaging but don't fully understand the impact they can make. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Newberg offers water softener repairs, replacements, and installations to keep your water as high quality as possible. Whether you seek to install a new system or have an existing one needing assistance, we are here to lend a hand. Help your water taste even better by scheduling a water filter installation alongside your softener. Our services extend to Keizer, Woodburn, Dallas, Stayton, Silverton, and beyond. Reach out to our experts to get started making your water even cleaner.

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Water Softener Repair

When your water softener stops working, and hard water creeps its way back into your home, you will begin to notice the difference in the water you drink, the showers you take, and the quality of your appliances. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Newberg can help you prevent mineral buildup and stop the effects of hard water with water softener repair. During a repair, our team will fix any broken parts before cleaning the softener’s tank, removing sediment buildup, recalibrating the system, and adding new salt. We will also inform you when repairs are extensive enough that installing a new water softener would be a better financial decision. Our service professionals have experience with various softener brands and types.

Signs Your Water Softener Needs Repair

A broken water softener will slowly stop working, making it difficult to notice. When this happens, you will see signs of hard water reappearing in your home in the form of:

  • Stains or water spots on your appliances and dishes
  • A change in water pressure
  • Brittle and dry hair and nails
  • Scale buildup on pipes, faucets, boilers, and more
  • Stiff laundry after washing
  • Itchy skin after a shower
  • Particles in your water
  • Water with a strange smell or a funny taste
  • Soap won’t dissolve or become sudsy

If you notice these or other signs, such as unusual noises, that your water is no longer soft, the Mr. Rooter Plumbing experts will find a solution to restore your water softener and return your water to an ideal softness.

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Water Softener Replacement & Installation

When your water softener can no longer stop hard water and its effects, even with repairs, it is time to have our professionals replace it. Water softeners are most likely to need replacement when they are past 15 years of use or have sustained frequent damage and repairs. If you want to install a new water softener or replace one with poor performance, our plumbing experts can handle the installation with expertise and precision. While selecting a new system for your home, we will take into account how hard your existing water is and find a unit with the correct grain capacity.

Choosing the Correct Water Softener

Grain capacity is the rating system used for water softeners, measuring how much liquid your unit can filter before regeneration. Regeneration is the process in which the minerals that have been removed flush out of your water supply. Homes with high grain ratings require less regeneration and are in better overall condition than those with low ratings. Whichever the type of grain quality, you can rest assured our professionals can help find and install the best unit for you and your home.

Don’t spend more time with hard water in your home; call our experts for water softener installation and replacement.

What is Hard Water?

The hardness of water is a term referring to how much mineral buildup is in water. Hard water contains dissolved calcium and magnesium, which can be harmful if ingested. Additionally, untreated water can damage the plumbing and appliances that use water, such as dishwashers, showers, water heaters, and more, decreasing their lifespan. Working to reduce how hard your water is can lead to healthier bodies and homes while making things feel cleaner overall.

How Water Softeners Help

Water softeners are specialized tools made to remove the minerals in hard water. They use negatively charged resin beads to attract calcium and magnesium, effectively removing them from the water. Many softeners replace these minerals with sodium, a mineral which instead softens the water. Specialized salt inside the softener makes a solution to flush away the hard minerals and adds new sodium to renew the resin beads. Water softeners can counteract the effects of hard water for years, usually lasting 10 to 20 years, depending on how well they are maintained. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Newberg is here to help ensure you have the right water softener for your home and your area’s water hardness.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing?

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Newberg can help you add a water softener system to effectively help stop hard water from damaging your home and your health. Alongside our residential softener services, we provide commercial water softener services for clean water wherever you are. Our expert plumbers offer all the plumbing services you need to keep your home plumbing functioning, from sewer cleaning to water heater installation. Every member of our team is fully licensed and insured, and we offer upfront pricing, allowing you to know the service's total cost before we begin. When you hire our plumber, we will answer all your questions and explain our work, keeping you in the loop about the health of your systems. Call our service professionals or set up an appointment online we are ready to get and keep your home in top shape.

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