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How To Keep Smells From Your Kitchen Sink

Imagine you are clearing the dirty dishes from the kitchen table and you bring them to the kitchen sink only to find a major clog. The sink is full of dirty water and the drain is clogged.

Small leaks, clogs, and dirt or build-up all should be addressed when they occur at the kitchen sink. Leaving any of these situations to simmer will lead to bigger problems. For instance, a small leak could cause water to get into the kitchen cabinet that is under the sink. This will create a mess and ruin anything that you have stored under there.

Build-up in the sink from soap scum and bacteria could contaminate any produce that you wash in there or, even make your efforts to wash your hands null and void if you touch the inside of the sink.

Not cleaning the garbage disposal regularly will lead to corrosion on the inside walls of the disposal itself and will eventually cause a clog.

Here are some other things that you should do to keep your kitchen sink properly maintained:

  • Use a cleaning agent that is non-corrosive or abrasive and gently scrub the inside of your kitchen sink at least one time per week. This should be done using a rag or a sponge but, not with a scrubber or wire brush. Scratches in the surface of your sink, regardless of the material it is made from, will create spaces where bacteria can hide and grow.
  • Use a mixture of borax and lemon juice to gently and effectively clean stains from out of the bottom of your sink. These are caused by leaving food and liquids to sit in the bottom of your kitchen sink for a period of time and can easily be removed by this mixture.
  • Purchase a mat for the bottom of your kitchen sink that provides a soft surface for dirty dishes to sit on but, still allows water to move through. These mats will keep food and silverware from going into the garbage disposal and will also protect the bottom of your kitchen sink from getting scratched up or gouged.

The kitchen sink is supposed to be where you take things to get cleaned, if it is dirty or malfunctioning, your whole to-do list is halted. There is nothing that you can do in the kitchen that wouldn’t be effected by a kitchen sink malfunction. Follow these tips for keeping your kitchen sink in top working order.

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