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Avoid Bathroom Injuries With These Tips

Most of us are fixated on the cold weather this time of year. There are many things that the winter weather makes more difficult. The commute to work gets a little more interesting with icy cold temperatures, and staying warm is top of the list this time of year.

But, staying safe is also an important priority and that goes for both inside and outside of the home. Most people don’t think about how to stay safe inside of their home. After all, home is where you go to escape all of the hazards and stress of the day.

In fact, most of the accidents that land people in the emergency room occurred inside of their own home. Most of us know about which activities are dangerous in the kitchen, things like cuts and burns come to mind and we take the proper precautions.

But, the bathroom is actually a much more dangerous place than the kitchen. This is mostly because, we don’t think about where the dangers in the bathroom lie.

January is National Bath Safety Month, and is meant to bring awareness to the areas of your bathroom that may be unsafe to you and your family.

Here are some tips that you can use to improve the safety of your bathroom:

  • If you have children, make sure to keep your bath products and shampoo up and out of their reach. For older children, these products should be closely monitored and the dangers explained. A dollop of shampoo mistakenly spilled on the bottom of the shower floor can pose a serious hazard to the next person taking a shower. When mixed with water, this spill will create a soapy surface that will be extremely slippery and could cause a dangerous slip and fall accident.
  • Keep your water heater set to 120 degrees and not higher. This is the best temperature to ensure that no one is burned by bath water that is too hot. If you have small children, purchase a bathtub thermometer to test the water before you put your baby or child in it.
  • Add textured decals to the floor of your shower or bathtub to add traction. This will reduce the chance of someone slipping and falling when getting in or out of the bathtub or shower.

We all take for granted that we are safe inside of our homes. In fact, it does take some proactive thought and planning to make for sure that we are safe. Consider implementing these tips to improve the safety of your bathroom.