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4 Things You Should Know About Your Water Well

The source of your water is an extremely important thing to understand. Water purity is an issue all over the world, including some areas of the United States. If you get your water from a well, it is important to understand some things about it.

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You Need to Have Your Well Inspected Regularly

Many people with wells are concerned about the water they get. Before a well is installed, the specialists do an analysis to make sure the water is safe. However, this is not the only analysis that is necessary. You should be continually testing your water. Though it is most likely safe for you and your family to drink, consuming large amounts of contaminated water can have detrimental health effects over time. You want to know immediately if there is something wrong with your drinking water so you can fix it before your family drinks too much.

Be Careful with the Area Around Your Well

Many people do not realize that keeping well water safe also involves keeping the area around the well safe. If you are doing any landscaping on your property, be sure to leave plenty of space around the well and do not damage it in any way. If you are using chemicals on your lawn, keep them far away from your well. When they seep into the ground they could get into the well and contaminate your water.

Contaminated Areas Are Not Always Obvious

One of the reasons people are surprised to discover that their water is contaminated is because contamination is not always obvious. Though extensive chemical use nearby can easily cause contamination, it is not the only way that your water could become unsafe. Contamination can also be caused by natural minerals and contaminants in groundwater. The best thing you can do to prevent drinking contaminated water is to conduct frequent and thorough tests of your well and the water.

The EPA Is Not Responsible for Private Wells

Some people mistakenly believe that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for the safety of the water in their private well. Homeowners are in charge of their private wells, not any government agency. It is important that you take responsibility for your well and are adamant about inspections and testing.


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