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Care for Your Water Heater This Fall With These Tips

There are multiple techniques homeowners in Olympia, WA can use to support the lasting health and well-being of their hot water heater and ensure it works at its peak level over the course of fall and winter. Taking the following water heater maintenance tips into account this season to help you conserve energy, decrease your monthly bills, and defend your home from the threat of water damage.

Identify Where Your Water Heater Resides in Your Home

Being able to identify the location of your hot water heater might seem like an unnecessary tip, but keep in mind that water heaters frequently reside in isolated areas that are tricky to enter, such as basements, closets, or attics.

Identify the Variety of Water Heater You Own

In addition to being able to pinpoint where your water heater is in your house, you should also be able to identify whether you have a tankless, natural gas, electric, or propane hot water heater. You should also make sure you write down and save your system's serial number and model number. This will make it easy to answer questions when you need to schedule service or repairs for your water heater.

Learn How to Switch Off Your Water Heater

Identifying how to shut down your hot water heater is vital to preventing extreme water damage. If you find a leak or detect gas coming from your water heater, you'll need to know how to turn it off before it has a chance to cause any harm. There should be a disconnect switch or gas valve close to the water heater that you can employ to power down your system in the case of an emergency.

Make Sure Your Water Heater Is Noticeable

When there are too many items in the area around enclosing your hot water heater, it can result in a host of issues, such as a lack of oxygen. If your hot water heater is fueled by gas, it requires oxygen to work. If there are too many objects around your unit, it might not have access to an adequate amount of oxygen. This can reduce the effectiveness of your system and ruin the unit's burner.