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The Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

While a traditional water heater holds standardly 30 – 50 gallons of water, a tankless water heater warms the water as you need it. Tankless water heaters don’t have to store water like a tank water heater, so they have the potential of being more efficient.


A tankless water heater can save money long-term. You have the initial cost of the water heater, but then you have the lower utility bills to offset the initial costs. You may even qualify for tax rebates! If you use more water because you have a tankless water heater, then you may not see a significant difference in monthly utility bills, overall.


If you replace your tank water heater with a tankless unit, you can save the space that used to store your tank water heater. You can install a tankless unit in more places than a tank unit because they are so small and fit in tighter areas.

Longer Lasting

A tankless water heater can last over 20 years. The lifespan of a tankless water heater is almost double the life of a tank water heater, which helps justify the higher price. Regular maintenance and inspections help tankless water heaters last longer.

Better Hot Water

With your hot water on demand, you won’t have to schedule household habits as much. You can shower and run the dishwasher without having to wait. If there are several people in your home, taking showers in the evening is much easier because no one will have to wait for the water to heat up.

No Flooding Risks

You don’t have to worry about flooding or leaks with a tankless water heater in your Olympia, WA home the way you would have to with a tank water heater.

Smaller is Better

If you plan on living in a small home, a tankless water heater can be installed in an area out of the way. Smaller spaces for your water heater can include a closet, or even under the counter.


With advances in solar power, tankless water heaters easily match up with solar power giving you the ability to lower your footprint. While solar may not work as well during the winter months in Olympia, the summer months are great for producing the power needed for your tankless water heater.

Mr. Rooter in Olympia can help you decide on the size of the tankless water heater that is right for your home and an excellent location for installation in your home.