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Benefits of Sewer Video Inspection in San Francisco

Planning to buy a home or sell your current home in the near future? Do you want to avoid costly repairs and a probably a lawsuit? Are you currently residing in San Francisco? As a resident, it is important to ensure your home drainage and sewer system is inspected.

How is this accomplished? Thanks to improved technology, professionals have in their possession video inspection tools that are designed to make the job easier. The system is composed of a fiber optic camera at one end which transmits clear HD images to a monitor at the plumbers end.

The system has the capability of recording video footage during inspection which is great as you will learn about this later. So, why do you need your sewer line and drainage system inspected with video inspection tools?

Here are the benefits of sewer line video inspection for residents of San Francisco.

1. Helps to identify problematic areas

When a home is built, drainage systems are installed with the purpose of redirecting effluent and waste water from the home to designated locations. During the first few years, you may not experience any problems as the sewer line will be intact. Over time, problems are definitely going to emerge.

From blockage caused by soil passing through cracks brought about by roots as well as the caving in of the sewer line itself due to age and larger fissures. To avoid digging up of trenches, video inspection tools are used instead. They help to identify problematic areas as the fiber optic end is pushed through the pipe.

2. Locate hidden pipes

Most homes around San Francisco were built ages ago and over time, the blueprints detailing where sewer lines are as well as all the connections are located away in some filing room. To retrieve these blueprints will definitely require effort. This can be avoided if you seek professionals offering sewer video inspection as a service.

They will help to locate hidden pipes within the system providing a better understanding of how the drainage system is installed. This is true especially if the hidden pipes are located deep within the walls or underground.

3. Identify future problems

If you request for video inspection services to have your drainage or sewer line inspected today even without any problems being present, it will help in identifying underlying issues. Sewer lines built ages ago utilized a different technology than what is available today. Modern technology has helped to perfect different installations ensuring that a home experiences better flow capacity.

Video inspection can reveal emerging cracks as a result of roots, future clogging brought about by presence of soil in the sewer line and other problems. Footage recorded can be viewed afterwards to reveal these problems.

4. Determine the pipe used

Sewer lines have existed below the ground since they were installed. By now, it can be hard to determine what material was used to construct them. With video inspection tools, this is possible without the need of digging a trench.

It is even beneficial to determine the type of material used on a pipe before repairs or replacement is carried out. Why? The pipe maybe obsolete and replacement may be a matter of urgency so inspecting before beginning will surely avert many problems.

5. Verify a problem is removed

When video inspection is carried out, many problems are identified. Solutions are put in place to avert any future problems. For plumbing and sewer line contractors, it is important to know if the problem has been resolved.

Video inspection helps to offer insight. Contractors can know if the clog that was present is now removed or the crack present has been repaired.

Final Thoughts

In the past, it was quite difficult to know where a sewer line was blocked or cracked. Trenches had to be dug in order to determine this. This was not only time wasting but it was inconveniencing as the damage resulted in higher repair costs.

Thanks to video inspection systems, the work has become easier. It has resulted in the following benefits – helps to identify areas with problems, helps to locate hidden pipes, allows professionals to know if a problem is solved and finally, helps to determine the pipe used.

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