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Common Reasons for Later Sewer Line Repair

  • Blockage - With time, there may be grease buildup. Or, foreign objects could obstruct the natural flow of the sewage and water pipes. The line could be broken or cracked as well, which can happen due to a number of reasons from shifting soils to earthquakes.
  • Corrosion - Everything corrodes with time. Even if you do not have a clay sewer line, the metal pipe can corrode with time which can mean it cracks or breaks up in places.
  • Leaking Joints - Sometimes, joints between the pipes may get broken. This can happen due to the age of the pipe or simply because you did not use quality materials when building the sewage line.

The Traditional Method of Cleaning

Normally, trenches have to be dug up at places that require repair. A trench across the damaged portion of the pipe is used by the experts to open and refill the work area, as well as check for any other problems. Since this can be quite an extensive affair, it can significantly push up the costs.

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Using Trenchless Technology - The Easier Way Out

Trenchless technology ensures that there is no need to 'dig up' anything. You don't have to destroy yards or the ground. Instead, you can have an entirely new system working and not have to worry about any more repairs - a great option if your sewage pipelines are very old.

So how does it work? Here is what happens in trenchless technology and how it is different than the conventional methods used.

  • Instead of making a trench, small access holes are created only around the beginning and end of the damaged pipe.
  • A new pipe is then pulled from the existing pipe so that you can lay in the new pipe easily.
  • The old pipe system bursts, but you would have no need for it anymore.
  • Since you only require a few access holes to be dug up, you do not have to damage your driveway or yards, to remove the old pipeline. Instead, it can be done in a convenient and easy manner. It costs less, takes less time, and is more effective.

You only have to worry about the little dirt that remains at the beginning and end of the line - but you can take care of that in under an hour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is trenchless sewer repair a good idea?

It could be that your pipe burst because of lack of maintenance, or that there is a backup of sewage. The truth is that sewer and water lines need to be taken care of properly. Most houses built before the 1950s have a clay sewer line, which means that tree roots can penetrate through it with time.

You would need to clean up the sewage line every few years to have it function properly. Sewage cleaning isn't a nice thought - you would have to call in a San Francisco plumbing company. If you choose one who operates the traditional way, it can take a few days for things to be completed.

Can you repair a clay sewer pipe?

In some cases, it is still possible to repair a clay sewer pipe; however, depending on the age of your pipes, you may need to opt for a material upgrade. Clay pipes tend to last around 50 to 60 years before they need to be replaced, and they are susceptible to root intrusion, which can annihilate a clay pipe. While relining the pipe is an option, plumbers will likely opt for materials that are longer-lasting, such as PVC pipe. If you're curious about what materials we recommend to replace clay, call our team.

What is a lateral sewer line?

Your sewer lateral (lateral sewer line) is an underground pipe that carries your home's sewage to the city sewer main. Proper maintenance and care of the lateral sewer line are essential to prevent blockages, leaks, or other issues.

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