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Are plumbing problems stressing you out? Get your plumbing issues resolved with less time and stress with the help of our professional San Francisco plumbers at Mr. Rooter! When it comes to getting dirty and performing the hard work required of emergency plumbing repairs and installations, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Francisco has your back. Available 24/7, we are on standby year-round for your peace of mind and convenience. The best part: We promise to never add on hidden fees or steep surcharges just for showing up on holidays, off-hours, and weekends. Furthermore, on the rare occasion that follow-up action is needed, we’ll rectify the issue cost-free. That’s our guarantee! There's no reason to keep stressing about leaky pipes and more! Contact our team today!

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Whether you have leaky pipes, an inefficient water heater, low water pressure, a running toilet, or obstructed drain issues, we have the tools and expertise required to correct the problem. Our plumbers can maintain and repair:

  • Clogged drains – Obstructed drains are extremely common. We have seen it all: clogged bathtubs, kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, and bathroom sinks. With the proper supplies and tools, we can replace problematic parts and/or remove the accumulated gunk to get your water flowing smoothly again.
  • Leaky pipes and dripping faucets – Pipes that leak can cause all sorts of problems. They increase your water bill, attract mold and cockroaches, and erode the infrastructure of your home. Whether they are easy to reach or require getting into your basement crawl space, we can seal the compromised pipe to fix the problem. Dripping faucets are much easier to reach but can be equally complex. Luckily, our knowledgeable specialists will assess the situation and then replace faulty pipes or add sealant where it is needed.
  • Broken water lines – Completely losing access to fresh running water can be frustrating and unsettling. So many aspects of our daily routine depend upon the availability of clean water. Using non-invasive methods, our team will access your water line to repair the problem or install new piping if needed.

The choice for reliable plumbing repairs, maintenance, and installation services in San Francisco is obvious. We always advise residents to be proactive when it comes to plumbing. By conducting regular professional inspections, we can catch problems early. We also specialize in handling emergencies. If you experience a plumbing issue at any hour, you can rest assured that our professional team is on standby. Whether it is New Year’s Eve or 4 am on a Sunday, we are always prepared to show up and get to work.

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