Are My Pipes Corroded? A Guide

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Corrosion is common among metal pipes. Often, the corrosion is caused by oxidation or the aging of pipes. A pipe with corrosion can enhance the risk of leaks and can contaminate your water. Water contamination encourages health problems as well. Below are four signs of corroding pipes.

1. Water Has a Weird Taste or Smell

Clean water should not smell and should not have a taste. Oxidation can cause the water to have a weird taste due to added minerals. Corroded pipes made from copper give off a metallic taste and smell, lead gives off a sweet smell and taste when oxidized.

2. Water is Discolored

The first time you turn on the water in the morning will indicate if the water is discolored. The water settles when it is not used, allowing the particles causing discoloration to collect. If a copper pipe is corroded you will see a blue or green stain. If an iron or steel pipe is corroded, you will see a rust color in the water.

3. Leaks

When corroding pipes are bad enough, leakages happen. Often, corroding pipes are one of the top causes of leakages. The pipe became weak over time, and the leakages could grow to pipes bursting if not checked.

4. Clogged Pipes

Corrosion can cause a build-up of settled particles in the pipes, leading to a build-up of sewage unable to pass. The pipes become more narrow and result in low water pressure. Clogged pipes often cause leaks as well which can also lead to burst pipes.

If you notice any of these four signs, it is time to get your plumbing system checked for corroded pipes. Call Mr. Rooter today to schedule a free estimate. They have years of experience in the field to help you repair and replace the corroded pipes in your home.

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