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Sewer camera inspection

The Advantages of Sewer Camera Inspection in San Francisco

Most sewer pipes are located deep in the ground and when they get a problem, say a leak of are worn-out and need replacement, it is not easy to inspect them. Modern plumbing methods, however, have integrated the use of camera inspection. Here a camera is attached to the end of a cable and the cable is snaked into the sewer pipe so that the plumbers can see what is going on in there and what may be causing the problem and where it is located. These are the advantages of sewer camera inspection in San Francisco.

1- No digging is involved

Without a camera, the plumbers usually have to dig to locate the pipes and then do some more digging to locate the problem so in the end, you have a lot of unnecessary destruction of sidewalks, roads, walls or wherever the pipes are located underneath. With camera inspection, you can leave the ground intact and yet still find out where the problem is.

2- Saves time

It is obviously much easier to snake a cable through the pipes than it is to dig, this makes it less time consuming to carry out the inspection of the sewer pipes, you can actually carry out inspection of a longer section of a sewer pipe in a fraction of the time it may take to inspect just a meter of a pipe is you had to dig up the pipe

3- It is more accurate

Another of the advantages of sewer camera inspection in San Francisco is that the analysis of the condition of the pipe is more accurate. The camera shows you exactly what is going on in the pipe so that you can pinpoint what the problem is and where it is so when you start planning for the remedy for the problem you will know what exactly is needed and how you should fix it.

4- Saves Money

Apart from saving time, a lot of money is saved as well. With the ordinary inspection, there is a lot of trial and error involved which translates into money being spent since you need to pay more people to excavate the land to find the pipes and sometimes that is not the right area that needs attention so another area needs to be excavated and it may go on that way until the problem is found then at the end of the job there is the expense of fixing the road, sidewalk, floor or walls that needed to be dug up to expose the pipes. All these expenses are eliminated when you use a sewer inspection camera.

5- Helps in valuing a house

One of the indicators of the value of a house is the condition of its plumbing. It would be very tedious if you had to dig up the sewer pipes to confirm that they are still in good condition or may need fixing. Sewer camera inspection is a much more reasonable alternative, a quick inspection of the sewer pipes using a camera will let you know if a house is really worth the value it is being sold at, this helps both homeowners and people who intend to buy a house in San Francisco.

This is obviously an improvement to the way plumbing is being carried out and like most improvements, it makes things simpler and more effective so the advantages of sewer camera inspection in San Francisco revolve around making things easier, better and giving value for money.