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What are the Affordable Solutions for Sewer Repair in San Francisco

As a homeowner in San Francisco you are aware of the potential problems that will eventually arise with your plumbing fixtures. No one is ever ready to hear that they need their sewer lines repaired. Most people have seen yards, homes, driveways, sidewalks and roads torn up, just to find and repair sewer pipes. Any disruption in the flow of water or waste products will have most homeowners asking, "What are the affordable solutions for sewer repair in San Francisco?"

Rather than a conventional repair that requires massive digging and reconstruction, homeowners in San Francisco can now opt for a trenchless sewer repair. Trenchless repair is cheaper because no trenches have to be dug. Digging is kept to a minimum and no one has to leave their home while the job is being done.

Homeowners can choose from two different methods of trenchless repairs: pipe lining, and pipe bursting. Condition of soil and pipes will help determine which method is best for your particular problem.

Ā Pipe Lining

The process of pipe lining involves pulling or blowing a resin coated, flexible tube through the damaged pipes. This tube is then blown up and allowed to harden in place. Once dry, the hardened resin becomes a new pipe that lines the old one.

The greatest advantage of pipe lining is that there are no seams or joints in the new pipes, leaving them virtually resistant to root penetration or corrosion.

Plumbers need only dig one access hole to repair the damaged pipeline. Digging and filling one hole is much cheaper than digging long trenches with heavy equipment.

Although the resin pipe is perfect in every way, some worry about a diminished flow from a small pipe. The flow may be reduced by a fraction, but there is no effect on overall performance.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting involves pulling an already formed pipe through the damaged one, essentially cracking (or bursting) the old pipe outward. Damaged or corroded lines often cannot be lined, and bursting the pipes is the best solution.

Plumbers dig two or more small holes to insert the pipe. Number of holes depends upon how much pipe needs to be replaced.

Again, less digging means no intrusive digging in your home, yard or on public property. This savings alone is worth every penny you spend on trenchless methods of sewer line repair.

All sewer line repairs costs vary depending on condition of current pipes, type of soil, depth of digging and current prices for materials. Although trenchless sewer line repair quotes often come in thousands of dollars higher than conventional methods, the fact that homeowners get to stay home and have no costly home or yard repairs to pay for, makes the final cost of repair cheaper using the trenchless methods.

San Francisco plumbers know that your home is your greatest investment. When you need to call in the professionals, and you want a top quality product that is both affordable and long-lasting, look no further than trenchless sewer line repair. Save money now and on future repairs.
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