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Hydrojetting Drain Cleaning: Is it Right for Your Home in Daly City?

Is hydro jetting drain cleaning right for your home in Daly City? If you are a homeowner, especially if your home has a septic tank, this is something that is vitally important. The truth is, it is important to understand exactly what hydro jetting is and how it is effectively used, as well as potential alternatives to this particular form of drain cleaning. That way, you can make the best decisions possible as a homeowner and ensure that you are keeping the septic lines in good shape for years to come.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Just as the name implies, hydro jetting involves sending an immensely powerful stream of water into your main sewer line. Typically, this stream of water is anywhere between 3,000 psi and 8,000 psi. The pressure can be adjusted within this range depending on both the age of the pipe and its overall condition, as well as any other special considerations that plumbing professionals decide need to be taken into account. It is used to effectively clean the main sewer line, something that virtually all homeowners will eventually have to do. Without being cleaned, the line can become clogged with things like grease, hair, or even tree roots and other debris. Hydro jetting will effectively clean all of those things out, making the pipe virtually like new again. If your sewer has been backing up lately, it might be because of a clogged main line. Therefore, hydro jetting is definitely something worth considering.

When Should This Method Be Used?

This is typically the preferable method for cleaning main sewer & drain lines because it is so effective in clearing everything out. It can also be used for both residential and commercial applications. However, there definitely are exceptions to the rule. If you find yourself in a situation where you have an older home with older pipes, hydro jetting may not be such a good idea. The water pressure can be so strong that it can cause severe damage to pipes that are very old or have been damaged previously. In other words, hydro jetting can sometimes expose any weaknesses that might already exist within the pipe itself. If it is damaged severely enough, it will then require extensive repairs or even replacement of the main line. Therefore, if you live in an older home and the septic system was established at the same time as the home itself, this may not be the best method. Fortunately, plumbing professionals are capable of inspecting the pipe and making that decision from a professional standpoint before they begin. That way, you can rest assured that hydro jetting can safely be used and if it can't, there are some other things that can be done.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Using This Method?

In reality, the only disadvantages to using this method are the ones listed in the paragraph above. You may not even consider those to be disadvantages, largely because the plumber that you contact will be able to make a solid judgement call based on the pipe inspection regarding whether or not hydro jetting can be done safely. Aside from the concerns about using this method on older pipes or pipes that have been damaged, hydro jetting is a safe and effective method that can remove debris quickly and completely. That is why it has become one of the preferred methods when it comes to cleaning out the main line of a septic system.

What Are the Alternatives To Hydro Jetting?

The alternative to hydro jetting is to clean the main line with a snake. This is a technique that has been used effectively for years, and it is safe to use on older pipes that are far more fragile than the newer main lines that are being installed in homes. While it doesn't get the inside of the pipe quite as clean as the hydro jetting method, it is definitely a viable option if the pipes are deemed to be too old or too fragile to do anything else with. Obviously, if at all possible, it would make more sense to use the hydro jetting method, because it gets the pipe much cleaner. This means that you won't have to call someone out as quickly to do the same thing all over again.


Hydro jetting is extremely effective. If you live in or around Daly City, it is an important part of keeping your home or business well-maintained and ensuring that you don't have to deal with as many major plumbing problems in the future.

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