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Make Sure It all Flows Downhill By Getting Your Drain Inspected

Are your drains working properly? Does the water in your house still leave the home? If your pipes were in perfect working order, you would probably not be reading this blog. I am sure you have plenty of other things to do than spend time reading plumbing blogs, let’s be real, your pipes need help.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we pride ourselves in being the foremost drain experts in San Francisco. With so many hills, it is important your water stays flowing downhill. We have an expert team of plumbers who are well trained in for every issue your pipes may experience. You can be confident in our ability to diagnose the problem quickly and then offer the best solution for your needs.

How The Drains Work

When in good working order, water will drain down your pipes quickly, almost at the speed of gravity. When there is a problem, water can become backed up, sinks and bathtubs may take extra time to fully drain. The pipes may even emit a gurgling sound or a bad smell, if any of these things are happening, you should get a drain inspection.

Your plumbing runs under the floorboards and behind walls, any leaks or blockages has the potential to cause property damage. If the drain is clogged or broken, catching the problem soon can prevent large problems in the future.

Let’s take a step back, think about all the drains your home has, there are the sinks, toilets, showers, maybe even some appliances, all of which produce gallons of wastewater a day. All this water has to go somewhere, and it does, to one drain, your sewer line. This is the mainline of your home, the all important pipe that everything must flow through. If there are any leaks or cracks in it, they must be dealt with quickly. Backups in this pipe can affect every drain in the entire house. If the pipe has cracks in it, waste water can leak into the ground, contaminating drinking water and can even cause structural damage.

Drain Inspection

Having your drain inspected is not anything to be concerned with. It is a very common procedure and one that is necessary with any home. Here at Mr. Rooter, our highly trained technicians have the technology necessary to make the process easy and fast. We incorporate state of the art cameras that can see inside your pipes. This video is played on a laptop for us to see and you as well. We take pride in being transparent, quickly showing you any problems that might be occurring.

Once a problem is discovered, our qualified team will give an estimate on the total cost of fixing your pipes. Inspections speed up the process of repair and save you money. Because we have seen the area that needs repairing, we can pinpoint our efforts and prevent larger work from being done.

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