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Sewer Repair in San Francisco

Here’s a headline to keep you up at night: “Countdown to the Waste Emergency.” We wish we were making this up. But this is the title of a May article from the San Francisco Weekly. Here’s how they put it: “The majority of San Francisco's sewer pipes were built before 1975, and the city is trying to replace them before they fail.”

We are not trying to scare you. It’s comforting to know that the city is taking measures to repair our aging sewer pipes. According to the article, “the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is currently inching its way through 70 [sewer repair] projects with a budget of $2.9 billion.”

We Want to Do Our Part

At Mr. Rooter, we want to help San Francisco forget about their sewer problems. This is a great city and we are committed to keeping it as beautiful and functional as possible forever.

That is why we want to talk to you two ways that we make it affordable for you to deal with any sewer repair situations you have at home or in your business.

We Always Have a Different Discount Available

Who doesn’t love a good deal? We always have a discount available so you can save money with us. Check out our Special Offers page. For example, right now we have a sewer clog service with access point for $99.

In your case, we might find that you don’t need a full sewer repair service, and all that was causing the trouble was a clog. In that case, for $99 we’ll get rid of the problem. And even if we don’t have a specific discount for the type of service you need, you’ll still save money with us thanks to our next service commitment.

Upfront Flat Rate Pricing

We know every case is different, and for some plumbing companies in San Francisco it might be difficult to give a straight price for any given project. But we think you deserve better. That is why we don’t keep you guessing with our prices. We have an upfront flat rate pricing policy so you always know what you are going to pay for. No extra fees, no hidden costs or annoying surprises. You know, how it always should be.

Have A Sewer Emergency?

If you do notice a sewer emergency, you have two options. If the emergency is out in the street, you need to call the city. It’s very easy to report any water or sewer emergency in your neighborhood. You can simply dial 3-1-1 on your phone and you’ll be connected to the San Francisco Service Center. Make sure you have the complete address of where the water waste is happening. Otherwise, they won’t take the report.

But if you have a problem at home or in your business, call our 24/7 water and sewer line at (415) 906-2456. Even if you call us in the dead of night, our prices are always the same.

Sewer Repair in San Francisco

Mr. Rooter has more than 45 years of experience serving San Francisco and almost all of the United States. We are owned and loved by locals. You can call us anytime, any day knowing that we don’t charge you extra for emergencies. That’s right. Our prices are the same no matter what time of day it is.