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Why Is the Toilet Running In My San Francisco Home?

Every day, your household is going to have issues of which you aren't even aware. Sometimes there are simple things going on that you just ignore, and they build to something more problematic. It could be as simple as a slow drain. You deal with it, because you figure there's not a lot that could go wrong after the fact, right? It's when you leave things alone that they get worse, especially when you consider your household plumbing.

In San Francisco, thousands of people are going to face off against a serious plumbing problem, and it could've been avoided if they just paid attention to the little things. For instance, your toilet may be having problems, and left untreated, could actually cost you a great deal to fix. Consider a few reasons why you may have to deal with a running toilet.

The Sound of Problems

First and foremost, you will need to pay attention to what occurs when you flush a toilet. This may sound funny at first, but it's a serious matter. Many San Francisco homeowners couldn't tell you what their toilet sounds like, and that's problematic. When you flush, you should hear the sound of water rushing out, and water filling up the tank behind the toilet. This should happen seamlessly, without gaps.

If you hear this process go through, and it stops within a few seconds, that's ok. You could lift the back of your toilet's cover and see that there's water in place, and it's ready to flush again if need be. But what if there's an issue?

Listen For Pauses

Before your toilet runs forever, it will first have a pause or a stutter. Pay attention to when this happens. When you flush, listen for a pause or a break after the water runs out. If there's a lengthy pause, jiggle the handle to offset the interior. If it starts to fill up again with water, then it's time to change out a few components. However, if that doesn't help, you may find that you need a complete replacement.

Why Is The Toilet Running?

If you're dealing with a running toilet, and it will not stop trying to fill up with water, there's a problem. The main issue with this is corroded parts or broken pieces. You may need a new float adjustment screw, fill valve, handle, chain, flapper, or even overflow tube. You may have a broken link, or a flush valve that needs fixed. If any of these components fail, you will have a running toilet in your San Francisco home.

If you are experiencing a toilet running, call us at Mr. Rooter of San Francisco today. You may need a helping hand. Pay attention to what your toilet sounds like, whether it's running constantly, pausing, or simply not filling up. You may need some parts fixed or a complete overhaul. You may not know what to look for, which is why we are here to help you.

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