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Why It’s Important to Perform Routine Plumbing Maintenance

All too often, you call the plumber when a major water or sewage problem occurs and sometimes end up paying a hefty bill if the damage is severe. Maybe you've wondered if there's a way to reduce plumbing bills from being so high or to minimize plumbing repairs to begin with. The answer is yes, if you're willing to take on a little plumbing maintenance. Plumbing maintenance has some simple tasks involved, but others you need to leave to the professionals to handle.

Keeping Drains Clear Regularly

Most problems come from clogged up drains in either sinks or toilets. You can help prevent the clogging of those drains by taking care what you rinse and flush down your drains and using safe methods to clean them. It's wise to avoid cleaning solutions that you'd find at the supermarket because those are not as reliable and can cause corrosion in the drains. If you think you need to go down deep in your drains, it's good to have plumbers come in and use snakes or possibly use hydrojetting in some cases.

Having A Water Softener If Necessary

While not all regions are the same in terms of minerals and composites found in water, some water supply areas have large deposits of them that make water hard. Hard water can cause pipes and sink faucets to wear out quicker than normal, and if that's the case it's wise to have a water softener to filter incoming water. You can buy water softeners at most general home retail stores, but you should ask a plumber to install it to make sure that it is hooked up and filtering properly.

Keeping Pipes Warm In Winter And Looking Out For Tree Roots

Most of the time, pipe temperature isn't a problem during the spring through fall months, but sometimes winters can be cold enough to freeze pipes and cause them to burst. Insulation and sometimes electrical heating lines can keep them from freezing. Tree roots and areas of your yard where activity is constantly taking place can also be a problem, so whenever you see a tree growing too big, you may want to call a plumber to reroute the pipes or remove the tree.

Mr. Rooter of San Francisco is dedicated to ensuring our customers have the plumbing solutions they need to keep their home running like normal. We understand the importance of plumbing maintenance and want to help you.

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