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Water leaking out of a pipe

Signs Your Home’s Plumbing Has a Leak

Any homeowner can tell you that they don’t think about certain problems occurring until they actually happen. A lot of the time, this is the case with plumbing issues and how they affect your home. One thing that can give you peace of mind is understanding what signs may indicate a plumbing leak so you can act quickly to get the repairs you need. Here are some of the things you should look for to determine if you have a leak.

Low Water Pressure

If you are recognizing the water pressure is low in certain parts of the home, it may be indicative of a leak. This is because water is escaping the pipes, taking away from the intended destination. For instance, you may go to take a shower and the water pressure just isn’t there. You should call a professional to check for a leak.

Check the Water Meter

The water meter can be a pretty telling sign regarding whether or not you have a leak. If you check the water meter at one point in the day, go a few hours without using the water in any way, then check the meter again, it should stay the same. If it moves, then it may mean that there is a plumbing leak in the home.

Running Water

You may recognize that it sounds as though water is running through the pipes, despite you turning off all of the faucets. When this happens, it can be a potential sign of something going wrong with your plumbing. A leak can keep the water flowing through the pipes, causing you more problems.

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