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Plumbing Inspection Tips for First-time Homeowners

We hate to say it, but becoming a homeowner is hard work. From countless open houses to dozens of inspections once you think you’ve found “the one,” buying a home can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help make one step a bit easier — the plumbing inspection!

While touring your potential dream home, be on the lookout for these few things:

1. Pipes that contain lead.

Lead typically gets into your water supply in one of two ways — either the water was contaminated before it ever entered your plumbing system or clean water becomes contaminated by lead pipes in your home. No matter the cause, lead in your water is never a good thing.

2. Hidden water meters.

In particularly old homes or houses that have had multiple extensions added, the water meter and shut off valve can be hidden deep in attics or basements and therefore not easily accessible. If your home spontaneously suffers a flood, it’s important that the shut off valve is within reach, since that will instantly stop the flow of water.

3. Old water heaters.

Most of the energy your home uses goes towards heating up water, so it’s important that your water heater is working efficiently. Water heaters typically last between 10 and 15 years, so if your inspector says it’s around that age, you may have to add a new heater into your budget.

4. Damage from past leaks.

Every home is going to have suffered a leak here and there, but if there’s one area that has consistently had leaks throughout the years, it may be indicative of faulty plumbing.

5. Poorly insulated pipes.

Here in San Francisco, we don’t have to worry about pipes freezing as much as people in, say, New York do. However, insulation isn’t just good for preventing freezing pipes. Poorly insulated pipes can also lead to water leaks and mold.

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