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Fixing a leaky pipe

Tips and Tricks for Finding a Stubborn Leak

Tips for finding a leak — sounds like a silly topic, right? Most people assume that once you find a pool of water, all you have to do is look up and whala, you’ve found the source! But we’re here to tell you, it’s rarely that simple.

Test potential leak areas yourself.

If you suspect a door or window is leaking, don’t wait until it rains to find out. Ask a friend to wet the area (slowly, moving from bottom to top) and look for spots where water comes through.

Use food coloring.

A leaking toilet can cost you thousands in wasted water. If you suspect you have a leak, throw a few drops of blue food coloring in the tank of your toilet, then let it sit for the night. When you wake up, check the toilet bowl for blue water. If dye made its way into the bowl, you have a leak.

Remember, water may not be coming from your pipes.

While your pipes, toilet, and bathtub are the main culprits of a leak, they’re not the only ones. Condensation from poorly insulated HVAC ductwork can also cause small puddles to form on your ceiling.

Look all the way up.

A leak on your basement ceiling might not be coming from the floor directly above it. Leaks that start within walls can trickle down several floors. Cleaning up the lowest level of a leak will only temporarily solve the problem.

Can’t find the source of your leak? Don’t be discouraged! Sometimes it takes a professional to find and properly fix a leak.

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