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How to Repair a Water Damaged Carpet

Whether its source is a small leak or a burst pipe, water can easily ruin your carpet if not treated promptly and properly. At Mr. Rooter, we're here to help with some tips for when unwanted water invades your home.

1. Dry It ASAP

When that sudden flood occurs, the first step is to dry your carpet quickly. Otherwise, mold may form and lead to more serious problems. We advise drying it completely within 48 hours (though preferably sooner) to prevent water damage.

2. The Best Drying Methods

Don't let your carpet dry on its own because the chances of mold and mildew grow higher the longer the drying process takes. Instead, use fans, a humidifier, or a wet vac. You can also use towels to soak up excess water that may lead to mold growth. Replace the towels with dry ones if they become saturated.

3. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning will properly deodorize your carpet and sanitize it. In many cases, you'll have to replace the padding underneath.

4. Sanitize Your Walls and Baseboards

Walls, baseboards, hard-surface floors — these all should be sanitized after water from a burst pipe or leak touches them. Scrubbing walls and surfaces with soap and water is a good tactic, but we also advise sanitizing them with a mixture of chlorine bleach and water. Protect your hands with rubber gloves during cleanup.

5. Why You Should Replace the Padding

Padding acts like a giant sponge that soaks up water — no matter how much effort you put into cleaning it, it’s nearly impossible to get it completely clean. Replace the padding only after everything else is dry.

At Mr. Rooter, we're committed to helping you take care of your home. Give us a call when you spot a leak or when a pipe bursts, and we'll respond promptly to help prevent serious water damage.