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Choosing to Repair or Replace Plumbing Lines

Usually, the matter of repairing or replacing plumbing lines comes at the recommendation of the plumber themselves. But even when you hear from them, maybe you still want to know if that's the best idea or not because you're a little concerned about your budget. Or maybe you want an overhaul of your system if you've had it repaired multiple times already. At Mr. Rooter of San Francisco, we help our customers make the best decisions based on our experience and professional diagnosis of their plumbing, and here's how we can let you know if your plumbing lines should be repaired or replaced.

When to Repair

Repairing is the cheaper option, and when there are only things like small leaks or minor drain and flush problems, there is no need to replace. We have trenchless repair equipment for when the problem exists in hard-to-reach places so we don't have to disturb your home. Usually, if the plumbing lines aren't too old, a quick repair will get the job done. Repairing should be done if the system is relatively new and in good condition.

When to Replace

Sometimes plumbing lines reach a certain age where simply repairing them is only going to lead to more repairs down the road and it makes more sense to just replace them. This is usually the case with plumbing that's been in place for many years and has major running problems. Also, when pipes start corroding and there could be dangerous substances in your water supply, the plumbing lines will definitely need to be replaced. It will cost significantly more to do this, but in the long run you'll likely save more on your utility bill and your home will be safer.

If you're having any plumbing problems, you should call our San Francisco plumbers immediately so we can let you know if you need to have your plumbing repaired or replaced. We deal with all kinds of problems from toilet clogs to water flow problems and leaky pipes. Trying to fix even a simple problem yourself that you don't have experience with could lead to more problems, so that's why you should leave that to us and let us get your plumbing back in order.

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