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Jetted tub

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Jetted Tub

Believe it or not, jetted tubs are making a big comeback. At the end of a long day, more and more people are finding comfort in their jacuzzi tubs. While you’ve probably heard a friend talk about how much they love their tub or seen attractive models in showrooms, it’s important to ask yourself these few questions before hitting “ship now.”

Will it fit?

This sounds obvious, but time and time again we’ve seen people spring for the biggest, most lavish model there is, only to find out on delivery day that it doesn’t fit in their bathroom. Now, you’re stuck with the challenge of returning it and finding another one or remodeling your bathroom around the new tub.

How much does it weigh?

Jacuzzi tubs are anything but lightweight. If your tub is going in a second-floor bathroom, you need to consider how much a full tub will weigh.

How often will I use it?

Think about how often you enjoy baths now. Is the answer “never?” If it is, there’s a chance you won’t use the tub too often when it comes. However, you may never take baths because you don’t have a bath, to begin with, or because you don’t fit in yours. If this is the case, a new jacuzzi tub may be exactly what you need to relax and unwind.

Is my plumbing where it needs to be?

If you’re thinking of installing a whirlpool somewhere other than where your current tub sits, you need to think about reconfiguring your plumbing. Your motor box also needs to be easily accessible in the event of a malfunction.

What features do I want?

This is the fun part. From armrests and grab bars to seats and jets, jacuzzi tubs are very customizable. They can also be designed to be wheelchair and handicap accessible.

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