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What All Gardeners Should Know About Their Yard’s Plumbing

Landscaped areas and gardens add incredible beauty, pleasure and value to a home. Regardless of if you are experienced or a beginner, all gardens require time, planning, knowledge? That’s right! After all, you wouldn’t want to run into a pipe while planting, would you?

Sprinkler Heads

It’s important that you locate all the sprinkler heads before digging in your lawn or garden. A long hard winter can often hide and bury sprinkler heads deep underground. Not only does this create uneven watering or flooding but it’s easy to accidentally damage the device while shoveling. Finding buried sprinklers can be challenging. If all the heads do not pop-up, look for pools of water to locate the problem. Sometimes it’s best to hire a plumber to locate possible leaks.

Water Conservation

When it comes to gardening and lawn care, there are numerous ways to conserve water. The best water conservation tips include:

  • Adding mulch when possible.
  • Watering deeply instead of often.
  • Watering when heat and wind are minimal.
  • Using a soaker hose or drip irrigation in order to water directly around the plants.

The plumbing and watering system should also be in optimum condition.

Septic Tank

A gardener should always know the location of their septic tank. Generally, it’s not recommended to plant near the sewer for numerous reasons:

  • Root crops can interfere with the septic drain lines.
  • Digging, tilling and foot traffic can damage the septic lines.
  • Water softening systems can emit brine which harms salt sensitive plants like beans and peppers
  • Harmful bacteria and viruses can emit into the soil when the septic system is not functioning properly

However, shallow-rooted and drought-tolerant grasses or ground covers can be planted instead of vegetables. Just makes sure that the septic system is always working properly by scheduling regular check-ups with a professional.

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