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You're Probably Forgetting to Clean These Areas of Your Bathroom

If you’re like most homeowners, the bathroom is #1 on your list of must-clean room in the home. But even if you clean every week, your bathroom may still be dirtier than you think. Why is that? Because you’re forgetting to clean these crucial things:

  • Light switches. Light switches and electrical covers are touched just about every time someone walks in and out of the bathroom, but they rarely make the cleaning list. The covers can become dingy looking quickly from the oils and soap scum left on people’s hands.
  • Light fixtures. As we don't often look up, the light fixtures are often overlooked. Dust and dead bugs can reside in certain types of fixture covers. Check them once a month to see if they need a wipe down or wash.
  • Door and drawer knobs. These are other surfaces that are used every day but not often cleaned. Spray a disinfectant on a cloth or paper towel and give them a quick rub down every time you clean to prevent any kind of grimy build-up.
  • The backsplash. When cleaning the sink, don't forget the backsplash — toothpaste, water spots, and soap suds tend to hide back here. Buildup can happen quickly so add this area to your cleaning routine.
  • Shelving. Sometimes there are shelves that are hidden from eyesight, but dust and dirt seem to find them. No one wants a dirty hand when reaching for something on the shelf. Take time to wipe them down each month, even if they’re tucked away in a closet.
  • Your vents. One of the most forgotten areas to check is the bathroom overhead vent. Dirt and dust love to hide here. Several times a year get out the step stool and wipe the vent down with a damp rag.

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