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Preventing Overuse of Water This Season

As the season goes on, it seems like sometimes, you might feel as if you’re using more water to enjoy the warmer seasons. However while it’s fun to enjoy colder water, have a balloon fight, or even set up a waterslide in the backyard for the kids, it’s important to make sure that your liberal use of water isn’t wasteful or too expensive. Here are a few ways to prevent overuse and balance a few of those things out!

Quick Showers

Make sure that if you’re taking a shower, you aren’t hanging out and wasting water while you’re getting clean. If this is a luxury that you usually take advantage of, try to cut it back if you know you’ll be using the water elsewhere. A few gallons can make a huge difference!


Using the hose is great -- and it can certainly be useful when you’re cleaning the car, watering plants and the grass, or even washing the house! However something like this in a time where water is sometimes a bit scarce or used very liberally, it might make sense to see how much you actually need for these things. Try to reuse water instead of always turning on the hose. Perhaps a bucket in the shower that catches excess water can help!

Better Appliances

As mentioned above, it’s easier to use something that has a great stream of water, but what about an effective stream of water? Specifically, something like a power washer can do the job by using more pressure than anything else, and still complete the task! Additionally, something like a dual flush toilet or water conscious showerhead are all things to think about when wondering how to save water this season.

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