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Why Do My Pipes Shake?

Picture this -- you’re using an appliance that you use everyday, or you’ve flushed the toilet, just like you normally do -- when all of a sudden, you hear a vibrating, shaking noise that sounds like something is about to come crashing down. And while it might not be obvious in the first few seconds, careful inspection shows that the noise you’ve just heard is coming from your pipes, and they’re shaking just as badly as the first time? Of course, there’s a reason for this and why it seems to be happening to you.

Loose Pipes

The first thing to consider could be the age of the pipes, and how it’s affixed to the house. Over time, the pipe clips that secure them to wood framing might be old and worn out, which is causing it to move when it’s used. This can be remedied if the issue can be located by reinforcing the clips and making sure it’s tight after reinstallation

Water Pressure

Having great water pressure is, well, great! Having pressure that is too high can cause vibrations, which might be the sound you’re hearing. In this instance, you can either test out the water pressure on your own with a gauge, or bring in someone who can assess and test for you. If doing it yourself, look for a number between 40-60psi.

Water Hammer

No, this isn’t something that simply bangs on your pipes to annoy you, but it might seem that way! A water hammer is basically a fast closing valve, similar to your toilet and faucet valves. As the fast-flowing water gets cut off when the valve closes, it comes to a stop pretty quickly, and can cause what’s known as a hammer effect. For a toilet issue that causes your pipes to shake, a simple and useful fix can be a slow-shutting fill valve

Of course, if the problem persists or you’re just not ready to tackle the issue on your own, you can certainly give our team a call to have all of the issues handled as soon as possible! Mr. Rooter has been assisting homeowners with their plumbing issues for decades, and our expertise is unmatched! To learn more, give us a call today or fill out our form!