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Is it Time to Replace My Water Line?

As time wears on, water lines fall susceptible to corrosion, old age, and bursts. Depending on environmental factors and usage, your water pipe may decline quicker than most. As an integral component in the plumbing system, water lines should be regularly monitored to ensure that they’re operating properly. Here are some signs that it’s time to replace your water line.

Water Bill Is Increasing

If you’ve noticed an uptick in your water bill, it could be a sign that your water pipe is on the fritz. The harder your line has to work, the less efficient it is. As a result, it overcompensates for its inefficiency.

Low Water Pressure

One clear-cut sign that your water pipe is weakening is insufficient water pressure. Check your showers and sinks for any inconsistencies. A change in flow and pressure is a red flag.

Unsightly Stains

These stains typically appear on ceilings and walls. If you detect a water spot, it’s likely indicative of a failing water line.

Strange Noises

Have you noticed a hum or tick when turning on a faucet? If so, your water line is attempting to tell you that it needs to be replaced. A smooth-running water pipe won’t emit any sounds.

Poor Water Quality

If your water is exuding a strong odor or odd color, its quality is steadily declining. More often than not, this is due to a faulty water pipe. The second you notice a stench or discoloration, make Mr. Rooter your first port of call.

Pesky Pests

If a water pipe is cracked or leaking, pests including roaches, ants, and rats have easier access into your home. With that said, if you see an influx of these unwanted house guests, check to see if your water pipe is up to snuff.

Plumbing issues are a headache at best, but with our expertise and patience, we at Mr. Rooter strive to mitigate your troubles with ease. If your water pipe is exhibiting any of the above signs, consult one of our expert plumbers.