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Draining water

Why Your Drains Are Slow

One of the best parts of modern life is the ability to have water piped into a home, and it goes right down the drain when it is no longer needed. There are times when the water drains slowly, and there can be multiple causes. House drains are designed for water flow only, so other materials might be clogging up the water passageways. Keeping drains running well takes only a little bit of knowledge to know what should never go down them.

The Kitchen Sink

Most times a slow drain is in the kitchen, and it is often caused by materials adhering to the inside of the pipes. Avoid emptying cooking fats into the kitchen sink, and make sure there to run the disposal on a regular basis if food wastes are washed into it. Some brads of soap are not actually formulated for going down sinks, so make sure to use a brand specifically for washing dishes.

Bathroom Drains

The bathtub or shower drains are generally the problem areas when it comes to water exiting the building slowly, and hair is generally the root of the issue. Cleaning out the hair on a regular basis will keep the drains flowing at their peak performance, and it will keep body soaps, shampoos and conditions from sticking to them.

Toilet Issues

While prevention is easy enough for most of the other drains in the house, toilet issues can pop up at any time. Putting too much toilet paper in at one time can cause a slow drain, or it can become an immediate clog. Flushing sanitary items can adhere to pipe walls, and they might even form a block over time.

Other Drains

Laundry and utility rooms often have their own water outlets, and these can become clogged with improperly dissolved soaps, dirt and debris. Make sure to keep soap usage to the recommended level, and put a sink strainer in to catch any items that should not be disposed of through the sink to keep it running properly.

Making sure to put only items or materials designed for household drains down them is the best way to avoid slow drainage and clogging issues, and keeping them in good condition will make a happier home for everyone