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Why is My Plumbing So Noisy?

It’s normal for your pipes to make a little noise after you’ve flushed a toilet or run the shower, but they shouldn’t be so noisy that they’re a noticeable distraction. And while noise may not seem like a big deal, it can be a sign of a bigger, more costly problem.

Common Causes of These 4 Plumbing Noises


If your pipes sound like they’re being hit with a hammer, you likely have a water pressure issue on your hands. If your water pressure is too strong, it can slam against your pipes as it travels throughout your house. A water hammer can also occur when a faucet or valve is suddenly shut off.


Many of your pipes hang behind walls and above ceilings. Meaning if they’re not secured well, they’ll rattle when water flows through them.


Bubbling noises indicate the presence of an obstruction in the pipes, such as tree roots, hair, and dirt. Typically, this is one of the easiest noises to eliminate because it tends to go away once the drain is cleaned and the clog is dislodged.


Humming noises are also a sign of water pressure issues, specifically that your water pressure is too high. Especially if your home relies on well water, check that the pressure at the tank is no higher than 55 pounds per square inch.

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