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4 Signs That Your Home’s Pipes Are Wearing Out

With most of your home’s plumbing sitting behind walls and cabinets, it can be easy to forget about them. But once something does go wrong, it can affect every aspect of your day, not to mention the biggest investment you have — your home.

Pipes are designed to last for many years, but not forever. If you notice any of the below problems, make sure to get them fixed before they turn into a major (and expensive) issue.

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Plumbing

1. Frequent leaks.

Every home is bound to experience a leak here and there, but you shouldn’t be dealing with this problem every week (or even every month). If you’re constantly calling a plumber, asking them to fix a leak in the same pipe, there’s a good chance that the pipe has eroded beyond repair and it’s probably more cost-effective for you to have it replaced.

2. Clogged pipes.

Similar to leaking pipes, clogs should be an infrequent issue. If the same toilet is always experiencing a clog, the pipes leading to it are likely corroded.

3. Discolored water.

Brown water running from your taps is an instant red flag that something is wrong. While it’s possible that this is a temporary problem stemming from your local water supply, it can also be a sign of rust inside of your pipes.

4. Poor water pressure.

A sudden drop in pressure is your home’s way of telling you that there are major problems throughout most of your plumbing. When this is the case, repairing one or two pipes is just a temporary fix that could lead to even more problems in the future.

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