5 Advances in the Plumbing Industry

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Like all industries, the plumbing industry is seeing some big technological advances that are affecting how plumbers all over the country carry out installations and repairs. Following are some of the most significant plumbing advances.

Automatic Toilets and Faucets

Touch-free toilets and faucets have been commonplace in many restaurants, airports, and other venues across Seattle for several years. More recently, manufacturers have created automatic toilets and faucets ideal for homes. Touch-free plumbing fixtures are great because they limit the water output to what is necessary, saving homeowners money and helping the environment. Fixtures run by sensors also reduce the spread of germs because people do not need to touch the faucets or flushing handles.

Power Flushing

Power flushing, also referred to as hydro jetting, is a new technology that is making plumbing easier across the country. It sprays high-pressure water through pipes, drains, and sewer lines to clear out more severe clogs that cannot be handled with plungers. This technology keeps plumbers from needing to separate pipes and manually remove clogs or use other traditional methods that are more time-consuming and require more work.

Graywater Systems

The creation of the gray water system is one of the more significant steps to increasing water conservation in plumbing. Usually, water from your showers is not reused, which can be especially wasteful when people take long showers. Graywater systems reuse water from the shower, sink, and washing machine. Studies have proven that, though it is reused, the water is still clean and safe.

Low Flow Toilets

Low-flow toilets were designed and distributed to venues years ago. They are intended to save water by allowing the user to choose an option that uses less water to flush if they do not need the full-power flush. However, people complained that they were not able to successfully flush down solid waste as well as traditional toilets. In response to the criticism, plumbing specialists have applied advances that have made low-flow toilets more effective. Now, new low-flow toilets are as effective as traditional toilets, while still conserving significant amounts of water.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters were also created to make plumbing more environmentally friendly. They are designed to only heat up water when it is necessary instead of automatically, like traditional water heaters. This saves significant amounts of energy.


4 Technological Advancements Plumbing Industry

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