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Drain Cleaning in Seattle

Drain & Sewer Cleaning Near You

Having a problem with a slow-moving drain? Are your drains refusing to work at all? Give our team a call. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Seattle is your local drain cleaning expert, whether the problem is in your home or business, drain cleaning is what we do!

Call our team at (206) 866-2836 or request an estimate to get started today!

DIY Drain Cleaning

Water flowing over clogged drain in need of drain cleaningMost of us will first try the “do-it-yourself approach” using a plunger, plumbers snake, or over-the-counter drain cleaner, but the key to avoiding a clog is a more consistent cleaning of your home or businesses drains. Our cleanings from the professionals at Mr. Rooter will minimize the buildup of debris, soap, grease, hair, and multiple other things that can make its way into your drains and stick there.

Over time, this build up can clog your drains and create other more severe drain issues. We have the most highly trained drain cleaning technicians, along with the latest and greatest technology to get any drain repair or service job done right!

Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Seattle, your local drain cleaning experts, for drain cleaning in Seattle, WA!

What Kind of Drains Do You Clean?

Our team has experience cleaning and clearing out several types of home and business drains.

Kitchen Drains

If it was just water that flowed through your kitchen sink drain, then the chances of having a drain issue would be limited. But the fact is, much more debris makes its way into the kitchen sink. The buildup of debris over time can cause your kitchen sink to become clogged and backed up. If you notice that your kitchen sink is constantly backed up it might be time to call Mr. Rooter. We have technicians standing by now!

Bathroom Drains

When it comes to your bathroom drains, many things make their way through the drains including but not limited to soap, shampoo, toothpaste and such. If you have a bathroom sink, shower or tub drain that is consistently clogging or backing up, then Mr. Rooter is the expert to call. We have the knowledge and equipment to get your bathroom drains cleaned and fully functional again!

Floor Drains

With the constant rain here in the beautiful Seattle area, your floor drainsFloor drain in grey tile because of their location can be become easily clogged. Patio, basement and driveway drains can become clogged with leaves and dirt, which can cause additional problems if they are clogged and don’t drain properly during a storm or flooding. Stay on top of potential floor drain issues by calling Mr. Rooter today.

When you need a local, licensed & highly trained team of professional technicians for any drain service, repair or maintenance issue call our team today. We are dedicated to your satisfaction from the moment we answer the phone, until the job is completed you can count on the professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Seattle.

How Much Does It Cost to Clean Out a Drain?

Clearing a drain can cost anywhere from $85 to $600, depending on your city, the location of the clog, and even the time of day the drain cleaning is taking place. For example, if you need the clog fixed after hours, during a holiday, or on the weekend, the cost will likely go up, especially if you hire a plumber that charges by the hour. Additionally, a simple sink clog can be cleared out in less than an hour will be less expensive than a clog caused by tree-root intrusion, which could involve the need to replace your main sewer line.

For more information about drain cleaning in Seattle, check out our video made by one of our clogged sink plumbers:

Remember we are here 24/7 and never charge an overtime fee for nights, weekends or holidays!