Most Common Emergency Plumbing Issues in Seattle, WA

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Many people do not realize the importance of having a plumber available at any time during the day or night. There are a number of plumbing emergencies that, if not fixed immediately, can cause extreme disruption in your home or business and possibly lead to a more serious problem. The following issues detail some of the most common emergency plumbing problems and illustrate the advantages of having a plumber on-hand.

Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet is one of the most disgusting plumbing problems that you will not want to deal with for any period of time. If your toilet overflowed, waiting days to get a professional to come is not an option. Start by turning off the water, either to the toilet or in your entire home if there is not a specific valve for those pipes. With a 24/7 plumber, you can have your toilet repaired soon after it overflows.

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe is another plumbing problem that requires immediate attention. Though not as disgusting as an overflowing toilet, a burst pipe can release gallons of water and even cause flooding. If you do not have a burst pipe repaired within eight hours, up to 100 gallons of water could spill out in your home or all over your lawn. If a pipe bursts at midnight, you cannot wait until the next morning to have it fixed. Shut off the water and relocate any items near the flooding right away after you notice a burst.

Clogged Sink Drain

A clogged sink drain has a significant and immediate impact on your daily routines and renders the sink unusable. Sinks can be clogged when people put grease, coffee grounds, or a variety of other substances down the drain. If you catch the clog in time, you may be able to clear the clog with a plunger. If the clog has already moved deeper down the pipes, unclogging it may require more complex actions that could warrant calling a professional.

Issues with Your Water Heater

If you are not able to access warm water, this will affect your ability to shower comfortably and impact many other daily tasks that you need to get done.. There are a number of problems that could occur with your water heater so it is a good idea to call a professional who can quickly identify and repair the issue.