How to Tell If Your Pipes Are Frozen in Seattle, WA

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It can be difficult to tell if your pipes are truly frozen in the cold weather or if something else is going on. Frozen pipes are dangerous and can lead to expensive repair bills. Check out these warning signs to see if your pipes are in a dangerous place.

The Freezing Point

If the temperature outside is above the freezing point, you have nothing to worry about. It’s when the temperatures drop below 32 degrees that you need to be concerned. When watching the forecast, pay special attention to the nighttime temperatures. This is when the air temperature drops to its lowest point.

A Buildup of Frost

If you see a buildup of frost on the pipes, this is a good sign that the pipe has started to freeze. Take immediate action to warm up the temperatures around the pipe and the pipe itself. A good way to prevent this is by installing foam insulation around the pipes, securing whatever heat you can. If you see frost forming, do not turn on the pipes until it is gone. 

No Running Water

If you open the faucets and nothing comes out, this is further evidence that you are dealing with frozen pipes. At this point, you should probably call an expert to help you come and fix the problem. Reheating a pipe too quickly can make it burst and not heating it enough can make the problem worse. It is a very delicate balance that requires a knowledgeable professional.

Strange Smells

If you start to experience weird smells coming from your drain, it means the ice is completely blocking the pipe. The smells of trapped grease and other gross things have nowhere else to go, so they come back up the pipes into your home. This is not necessarily a sign of frozen pipes, just pipes that are completely blocked. It can also be caused by a massive clog.

If you suspect a frozen pipe, the best thing to do is to call in the professionals. They know what to do and can take care of the situation the right way. We have all the experience to deal with your situation, keeping it from escalating any further. Give us a call today and get your plumbing in good shape before the cold hits.