Reasons Your Toilet is Leaking in Seattle, WA

Toilets leak for many reasons. The most popular reason for a leaking toilet is that they are simply worn or not installed properly. Make sure you have a professional install your plumber!

Reasons for Leaks

  1. You could have a worn-out supply line, so your toilet has a leak. This line just wears out over time and starts to leak when it isn’t maintained.
  2. If your toilet tank is broken, you will see a leak around your toilet, and it will constantly run. Even a small crack can cause severe mold and mildew damage with a much higher water bill.
  3. If the flapper in your toilet is stuck, it can cause a leak and a lot of water to get wasted. When your handle gets stuck after you flush, then it can eventually cause a leak that overflows.
  4. If you have a connection that is losing, you can get a water leak. Fixing these with preventative maintenance or calling a plumber as soon as you are aware of the leak will help you combat a major mold issue.
  5. Any of the internal workings of a toilet can malfunction because they are old or faulty. Toilets don’t last forever, and the parts that are wet most of the time will wear out faster.

If you have a toilet that leaks, and you can’t figure out why then it is time to call a plumber so that you don’t have damage that costs major amounts of money to fix. Sometimes leaks will cause damage in areas we never see, like under floors and inside walls! Fixing your leaks can help you make sure that you don’t have worse damage in places that you aren’t looking at or that are behind a wall or flooring. When these things get wet, they are sure to mold and start to make you sick, until the mold is removed from your home!