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Residential Drain Cleaning Services in Bellevue, WA

Every Bellevue house or business establishment will at some point in their existence, have to deal with issues regarding their drains; clogs being the most common. Suffice it to say, when you have a clogged drain, your daily routines and activities are affected – not only your kitchen and bathroom activities, but also your mental well-being, since this can be a truly stressful experience.

To save yourself from such hassles, Mr. Rooter offers complete drain cleaning services that will get your drains flowing smoothly again.

Power Snaking

One of the methods that we use to clear clogged drains is power snaking. Here, we make use of a drain snake or an auger, which we insert down the drain line to manually loosen the blockage and clean the drain.

Drain lines come in different sizes, so we make sure that our trucks carry different power snakes so we can service your drain lines no matter the size. Power snaking is best for minor clogs and can be applied to clogged floor drains, sinks, toilets, shower drains and even the bathtub.


For more stubborn drains and more effective drain cleaning, we offer hydroscrubbing services. In this process, we make use of our state of the art hydrojetting machine, which blasts away clogs and debris with high-pressure water.

Our hydrojetters are more than capable of removing all types of blockages – from grease and fat to tree roots and everything else in between. This method is much more recommended than the conventional power snaking method not only because it is faster, but also because it provides a much cleaner finish.

Here at Mr. Rooter of Bellevue, we have the necessary equipment to do both of the drain cleaning processes mentioned above. Our trucks come complete with all these equipment and more so we can provide quick and efficient drain cleaning services to you, our clients.

So the next time you experience a clogged floor drain or kitchen or bathroom sink, call us right away. We have the tools and the most capable plumbers and technicians in the area. We can get your Bellevue drains flowing smoothly again in no time.

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