Some people often ignore the need for the services of a professional Redmond plumber whenever they have a clogged drain, especially now that there are countless of drain cleaning products available in the market. However, little do they realize that making use of these chemical solutions can often result in more expenses and stress for them in the future.

Some people think that not calling a professional and trying to DIY their drain clogging problems will save them from the hassles of looking for a drain-cleaning specialist and paying them for their services. However, doing so often results to more expenses and time-consuming efforts. Using these marketed cleaning products can only do so much.

They can clean your drains for now, but without regular use, the clogs will start forming again forcing you to buy more of these chemicals more and more often. The bad side is that the more you use these chemicals, the more that your drain lines become exposed to the acids they contain, thereby weakening them, resulting in costlier repairs or even replacement of the whole drain system.

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Ruining the Drain Lines

Because of the acid contents of drain cleaning chemicals, drainpipes become prone to weakening which results to the pipes corroding and collapsing. This is especially true for galvanized pipes. Furthermore, buying an auger from the hardware store and trying to unclog your drains by yourself will almost instantly put your drains in peril. In order to effectively clear a drain clog using an auger requires skill and training. Otherwise, the risk of damaging your drainpipes and fixtures increases.

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