Sewer lines do an important job of bringing wastewater and effluents away from our homes and into the septic tank or the main city sewer line. When something goes wrong with your Redmond sewer lines, you are running the risk of wastewater contaminating your clean water, which can result to a variety of health problems. That is why you need to be vigilant and keep your eyes open for any signs that your sewer line is in danger of failing.

In case of sewer line replacement for your Redmond Wa home, the trenchless sewer line option is one you may surely want to consider. The newer technology utilizes a couple of different methods. Providing you the option of long term cost and environmental gains. Trenchless sewer line installation greatly reduces the excavation needs and digging up of landscape and another areas around your home. Less messy and more efficient.

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Sewer line showing the signs = Time to go Trenchless

Slow Drains and Water Backups

Your drain lines are connected to your sewer lines, which is why when you have an issue with your sewer line, your drain lines are also affected. As such, problems with your drains can be indicative of a sewer line problem as well.

The most common issue with drains is when you notice that your kitchen sink, bathtub, or the floor drain in your showers, patio or laundry room are pretty slow to drain. Aside from that, water backups can also occur.

Of course, this does not immediately mean that you have a clogged sewer line because the clog may just be in the specific drain line. However, when you see any of these drain problems, do not ignore the thought that you may be experiencing a sewer line problem.

Water in Your Lawn and Flooding

If you see wet patches of ground or puddle formations in your lawn, even if it has not rained, then chances are your sewer lines are damaged. These wet patches and puddles may mean that there is a crack somewhere in your sewer lines, or that a pipe joint may have broken, thus causing wastewater to escape to the ground surrounding the pipes and above it. In worst-case scenarios, the escaped wastewater can completely flood a huge portion or your lawn.

Sewage Odors

Another sign that you have a sewer line problem is when you smell sewage odors inside or outside your home. You can smell these foul odors coming out of the kitchen sink and the floor drains, sink and the tub in your bathroom. Aside from that, you can also smell it while you are out in your lawn or yard, especially when you stand on the spot where your sewer lines run.

If you observe any of the above signs, make it a point to contact Mr. Rooter right away. We offer Redmond pipe relining and pipe bursting services for trenchless sewer repairs and replacement at very affordable rates.

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