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Your Local Redding Plumber Says It's Water Heater Check-Up Time!

As the leaves continue to change and fall from the trees and the cold weather settles in for good, it is a perfect time to prepare your home’s plumbing for even colder weather! Simple plumbing issues can easily escalate to full-blown plumbing emergencies if left unchecked.

An easy and inexpensive way to have prepare your plumbing system for the freezing temperatures of winter is to use the months of fall to schedule maintenance visits. Just like having maintenance on your car, scheduling maintenance appointments for your plumbing system can identify and remedy small issues before they escalate into large problems.

Once the freezing temperatures of winter settle in, seemingly small plumbing issues can quickly be complicated by frozen water and blocked pipes. When you use the months of fall to have maintenance checks performed on your various systems, this allows for efficient repairs to be made before an emergency occurs and the severity and expense of the fix increase.

Some systems that you should definitely have maintenance service on are:

  • Water Heater: Over time and general use the tank of your water heater will eventually develop a certain amount of sediment. Unless you have a water softening system installed, the water that you use in your home and thus in your water heater has trace amounts of various minerals. These minerals build up in the tank of your water heater and, if the sludge is thick enough this sediment can clog and cause damage to the pipes and valves of your water heater.
  • Drainage System: Having your drainage system professionally inspected using video camera technology can provide valuable information about the condition of your pipes. Your drainage system is buried in the ground and many environmental elements can put the integrity of the system in jeopardy. For instance, tree roots can grow into the pipes and block or break them, debris can be rinsed into the drainage system and create clogs, or the soil around the pipes can shift causing the pipes to disengage from the rest of the system. All of these conditions will cause significant damage to your plumbing system

Maintenance checks are a simple and inexpensive way to gain peace of mind by identifying any small issues with your plumbing system and having them repaired before they grow into complicated and expensive emergencies. The months of fall are a great time to have these maintenance checks scheduled as the weather is still warm enough that it hasn’t complicated the issues. If a water heater or any other plumbing issue arises, please call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Shasta County, we are your locally owned, neighborhood plumber.