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Find Out What People Think About Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Spokane!

If you're looking for one of the best plumbing companies in Spokane, WA, give our team a call. We provide 5-star quality service at an affordable price. Whether you're building a house and need new plumbing installations installed, or you need your old water heater repaired or replaced, we can handle it. Our five-star plumbers near you are ready to help. Take a look at our reviews below for more information about our team and our work ethic!

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  • “Giovanni was polite, professional and did a great job.”

    Michael D. , Spokane, WA

  • “Dave has come fix our leaking issues with thorough explanation. He was fast and efficient and knows what he was doing. Very happy with our service. Will use mr rooter again in the future!”

    Tink M. , Spokane, WA

  • “After receiving (2) quotes from other Plumbing rivals, I settled on Mr Rooter to address my situation. I had the pleasure of working with Paul Herrbach of Mr Rooter and found him to be very knowledgeable, professional and pleasant to work with. When he started to address my clogged main line, it was a cold and rainy day but Paul did not allow the weather to alter his determination to unclogged my main line. Paul started on the project as the sun was setting and therefore, completed the project the following day in a timely manner. Paul is a real asset to Mr Rooter and I wish him continued success.”

    Mr Rooter To The Rescue , SPOKANE, WA

  • “Corey responded a week ago to my cal about the leaking basement pump. While we were in the basement, he also heard the humming in our water heater tank and recommended it be replaced as well. I asked about waiting on that. Apparently, he is as good at sensing people's concerns as he is at his job - excellent! He called to tell me about a way to finance so both the pump and water heater could be done now. I agreed and Sunday at9AM-right n time-he was hard at work and remained so until about 4 PM. Mr Rooter and Corey fix it all----on time----at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Mr Rooter, and Corey too, for your plumbing needs. Thank you. I must also thank my Mom who, when The Husband and I bought our home eons ago, insisted (and nagged a bit) to be sure we bought the Mr Rooter life time plan. Very glad we did.”

    emilysue , spokane, WA

  • “we have a payment plan approved and a new pump and water heater. Marcos of Mr Rooter Spokane was at our home for 20 minutes. In that time, he brought in the newspaper from our porch, put on booties so as not to track anything in, met our dogs and endured the Beags begging for love, asked the appropriate questions from the form on his iPad, looked up and said -- APPROVED. Before leavng he asked if there was anything else he do for me/us-- lift or move. I was extremely impressed with Marcos. Mr Rooter is fortunate to have him as an employee.”

    emilysue , spokane, WA

  • “Last year our water heater had to be replaced. Part of the package included an annual draining (at no charge) of the tank to remove sediment and keep any build up from calcifying. We had an appointment set up. Melissa called back. She saw in the notes that we had work extensively with Tory in the past. I didn't realize that Tory was back with Mr. Rooter and I was grateful that we were able to have him come out once again to work with us. Tory did his usual great job. We want to thank Melissa, Tory, and the great Team at Mr. Rooter.”

    Bob & Kathy Conway , Spokane, WA

  • “Paul H. did a great job. He got the drain clear, suggested what I could do to limit future issues and didn't suggest over-the-top treatment. Thank you!”

    Zaineyd , Spokane, WA

  • “Paul Herrbach did a great job with the issue, and provide some valuable advise. I would definitely use Mr. Rooter again in the future!”

    Anonymous , Spokane, WA

  • “Mr. Rooter replied and responded faster than we could have hoped. Paul reported for duty and his vast knowledge and skillset made what could have been a complex job look easy. Mr. Rooter is a trusted resource.”

    rezkid , Spokane Valley, WA

  • “Paul H. Came out to our house today to fix clogged pipes. He was very friendly and efficient. He knew exactly what the problem was and had our pipes unclogged in no time. He was very professional and kind. Will use mr rooter from now on and will always ask for Paul H.”

    Timi Putney , Spokane Valley, WA

  • “I have had Mr. Rooter out to my lake cabin 3 times this year to assist with plumbing issues / upgrades and they have been amazing each time. Always on time, professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. They are definitely my go to company and I would highly recommend them to anyone in the surrounding area.”

    J.C. , Deer Park, WA

  • “Dan and Cam make your company look very good. I was upset over losing my husband not even a week ago then my basement flooding. I had another plumber here yesterday and he left because he had no c snake but charged $100. Dan and Cam cared about me. They worked long and hard to fix my problem. My stress level was off the hook and they did everything they could to fix my plumbing problem to lessen my stress. I was worried about the bill but Can and Dan are so good I calmed down. I do think the pricing is high but with such great ambassadors for your company I will continue as a customer. As long as Can and Dan take care of my plumbing!”

    Darlene C , Kellogg, ID

  • “I endorse Mr. Rooter drain-cleaning service agent Dan Gosnell for his courteous and professional methods for cleaning our entire home plumbing drain lines which were plugged and very difficult to unplug with cable lines [plumber snake]. Mr. Gosnell's perseverance for over 3-hours successfully cleared the drain lines and the live bacteria restored cleaned every drain line in our home. We are well-pleased with this service and the honesty in providing an estimate prior to completing the services advertised.”

    Bill Misner , Spokane, WA

  • “Dan, Marco, and Rob all made trips to my house. All 3 of these guys are very professional and courteous. I wasn't able to be at home when Dan showed up for service. My wife was home with are 2 young kids and Dan made sure to take his time and show my wife where the problem was and why it was happening. He was very informative and professional. Mr. Rooter should be extremely thankful for having people like these 3 working for them. I've told many friends about them and the service we received. I will continue to use Mr. Rooter for all my plumbing needs. Don't waste your time on other companies. If you don't use Mr.Rooter your making a mistake.”

    Charlie H. , Spokane, WA

  • “Cory from Veradale, WA saved the day. We were having company and right in the middle of getting the dinner ready the sink backed up. He quickly found the problem, fixed it and then told us how we might avoid it in the future. We couldn't be happier and will always use him in the future.”

    Nikki S. , Veradale, WA

  • “Great Job Guys! Thanks for being so prompt, professional and accommodating. I think you made a best friend out of my dog Harley too. See you next time.”

    Evelyn P. , Spokane Valley, WA

  • “Thank you Paul for getting the men's bathroom working. Now I can have my girls bathroom back finally. You're a life saver! We will always use your company for future plumbing services!”

    Ashley K. , Spokane Valley, WA

  • “Had a plumbing problem and Mr Rooter sent Paul. What a great guy! He was very professional and did fast, clean work. Thank you Paul. I would recommend Mr. Rooter to anyone.”

    Dana C. , Spokane, WA

  • “Last year the neighbor's tree hit our house. Tory has been out at different times to help us with various plumbing issues during the reconstruction phase. Recently our hot water tank went south (and not just for winter). Tory and Dan came out to replace the tank. They did a terrific job and made sure the unit was functioning properly before they left. It has been to our benefit to work with the same plumber on all of these issues. Tory has acquired an in depth knowledge of our water system and plumbing and he brings that with him when he comes out. He also is very good at taking the time to explain things in such a way that one doesn't feel stupid. He actually mentioned last Spring that our hot water tank would likely need to be replaced at some point in the future. He provided some different options and pricing. He didn't try to hard sell us which we appreciated. Because he took the time to provide that information back then, it made the selection of a replacement unit go very fast. We appreciate all of the things Tory brings to the table...excellent knowledge, excellent workmanship, and a professional and courteous attitude. We hope we don't see him for a while, but if we have a plumbing problem we know who to call.”

    Bob C. , Spokane, WA

  • “Following Thanksgiving we discovered we asked a little too much out of our garbage disposal.....consequently, the sink/dishwasher were completely clogged. We called Mr Rooter and Rob was at our door within two hours! Rob was extremely courteous, professional and knowledgeable. He not only fixed the problem but explained why the drain was clogged and how to prevent it from happening again. I was more than impressed with the service I received and will without a doubt be using Mr Rooter again.”

    Jordan , Spokane, WA

  • “We want to give Arnold a 10 out of 10. He was kind, thoughtful, and did a great job. We were very impressed.”

    Merian W , Spokane, WA

  • “My recent service call with Nick & Rob was amazing! Their professional, courteous and patient presence made it so easy for me. I have had a traumatic brain injury and have PTSD and an anxiety disorder. Even though I am also a hoarder, these two gentlemen treated me with kindness and respect. They were so pleasant. I learned so much about plumbing problems, what not to use to unclog minor problems and that I have major problem to address soon. I hope that in the future you will send me these two amazing, competent gentlemen to help with my plumbing problems! Thank you so much for hiring these two capable, pleasant young men.”


  • “We had sewer issues over this past weekend with a sewer line blockage.. Elizabeth, customer service rep, and Cory were amazing. Both were very professional, efficient, and really were concerned that our issue was solved as quickly as possible. Elizabeth kept us up-to-date with the arrival times (several phone calls) and Cory was not only informative, but completed the work professionally and quickly. Great customer service - we will call you again for any future plumbing issues.”

    Nancy P.

  • “I was a visitor to Spokane last week, and in town to care for my elderly deaf sister who had suffered a mild stroke, and attempt to upgrade the trailer where she and her husband, who has memory problems, live in nearby Mead. One of the major issues was their kitchen sink, which was leaking at the faucet, and was in terrible condition. After contacting 2 other plumbers with no positive response, and with only a day left to me, I called Mr. Rooter in desperation. The phone receptionist, upon hearing my story, very kindly agreed to contact her staff immediately, and was quite reassuring to me.I very quickly received a call with a very short time of arrival for a qualified plumber, and in the interim I rushed out and bought the sink needed. Tory Gosnell arrived exactly at the time stated, assessed the job, and agreed to complete the job immediately. He did, however, need all the connecting materials beneath the sink. I returned to the hardware store with a detailed list he gave me while he began removing the old sink. He completely changed out the sink, replaced all the old leaking connections, installed an new electric disposal, and installed the new faucet assembly. Knowing this was for my disabled and deaf sister, he quoted me a price that I felt was far more than fair. As he was preparing to leave, I wanted to express my gratitude with a tip of $20 for his great work and fine attitude. I had to quickly gather a number of $1's and $5's from my wallet, where I was holding my trip funds.We parted with a handshake at his truck, and I went back to my own work, when he suddenly reappeared, and calmly handed me back a $50. dollar bill that I had inadvertently mixed into the tip! I was astounded. Tory Gosnell is not only an excellent plumber, he is an honest man. This sort of attitude on part of Tory, the kind phone scheduler, and I assume everyone at the Mr. Rooter Spokane office, speaks volumes about the character of this business.”

    Marc E.

  • “Cory arrived on time and got to work right away. He cleared out a clogged basement floor drain. He made a difficult job look easy. I appreciated his explaining to me what he was doing throughout the job.”

    Robert S.

  • “Always a great job!”

    Larry K.

  • “I found Dave to be very knowledgeable and honest. completed the work and cleaned the area. The response time was surprising. I would definitely refer him to a friend.”

    John H.

  • “Major clog in the ole pipes. Called Mr. Rooter for help. They were quick to respond. The service tech was Rob Anzaldo, Rob arrived and got right to business. Asked me a few questions, made his plan of attack and let me know what the price was up front. Weather he was there 15 minutes or all day, and i really liked that. Very fair price. Rob was pleasant, professional and had a great work ethic, nice to see that in young people! He even cleaned up my mess! I told him that was my mess and i would take care of it, he insisted that he always leaves a job sight cleaner than when he arrived, and that he did, awesome. Wasn't long before water was flowing down smoothly. Over all great experience, I highly recommend Mr. Rooter, they are my plumbing company of choice. Great employees, excellent work. Thanks Rob and Mr. Rooter.”

    Dan R.