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Drain Cleaning in Spokane

Having properly functioning drains in your home is integral to the daily activities of you and your family. When your drains become clogged or wastewater is backing up you could be faced with a major plumbing issue and a serious disruption to your home and routine. In fact, clogged drains are one of the leading causes of water damage and unsanitary messes in the home.

Clogged drains can happen for a variety of reasons and in some cases they can be hard to avoid . For instance, in the bathroom a clogged shower drain can be caused by a build-up of soap, shampoo lather, and hair. While it is impossible to avoid soap and shampoo lather from rinsing down the drain, you can prevent hair from rinsing down the drain and causing a blockage by using a hair catching drain protector. In the kitchen, a blockage might be caused by repeatedly rinsing food particles and soap down the drain. It is not reasonable to expect that food and soap won’t be washed down the kitchen drain, instead you should implement a maintenance routine that will lessen the likelihood of build-up.

For those difficult clogs that cannot be avoided , the expertly trained Spokane plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Spokane can help. Our highly-trained team has years of experience in efficiently and cost-effectively providing drain cleaning services to our customers. When you call Mr. Rooter, a member of our courteous and knowledgeable staff will help to assess your drain cleaning job and will dispatch a skilled professional who has the right tool for the job!

Just about any drain in your home can become blocked . For example, kitchen drains receive food particles, grease, and soap that over time harden and adhere to the inside of the pipes. This build-up slowly restricts the size of the passage for water to move through slowing the water down until eventually there is a complete blockage.

Shower and bathtub drains should allow water to flow freely and quickly. However, if your shower or bathtub is draining slowly, the cause is probably a clog caused by the build-up of shampoo, soap, and hair. A clog in the bathroom sink is typically caused by toothpaste, facial tissue, make-up, and occasionally jewelry. If you have a floor drain in your basement or shop, it can become blocked due to lawn or foliage debris.

Regardless of which drain in your home is not working properly, the result is the same--an inconvenient mess! The professional plumbers at Mr. Rooter understand the disruption a clogged drain can cause and are dedicated to providing you with outstanding and expeditious drain cleaning service.

What to Use to Clean Drains?

Many people reach for the caustic drain cleaner at your local grocery store to clear a stubborn clog out of a sink or toilet. However, we strongly recommend against this. Caustic drain cleaners work by dissolving the organic matter in your drain, but they can also seriously damage your pipes and even crack your toilet. Drain cleaning in Spokane is best done using the following tactics:

  • Using a plunger
  • Pouring hot water down your drain
  • Using a drain snake
  • Unscrewing the U-bend under your sink to remove the debris

If all tactics fail, it’s time to call a plumber for drain cleaning in Spokane, WA. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Spokane is here 24/7 to take your call, and we have the technology to remove your clog without caustic chemicals. Our plumbing video camera inspection can determine the location and cause of your clog, and our HydroScrub jetting technology can flush your drains without damaging them.

Call us today! No job is too big or too small. We are happy to assess the problem that you are having and make recommendations for repairs along with estimated costs so that you know exactly what your options are!

For drain cleaning in Spokane, call us at (509) 368-7262!