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Overflowing Gutters

10 Silent Signs Your House Has Plumbing Problems

It’s Time to Call a Plumber in Torrance

Sometimes it’s not easy to know whether you have a plumbing issue that’s a relatively simple fix or a problem that could quickly turn into a plumbing emergency. In some other situations, you might not even recognize that a problem exists until you hear about it from others.

Here are some warning signs that your house is telling you there’s a problem.

Discolored Pipes or Water

Signs of wear in copper pipes are white or green spots, especially if they’re near joints.

In other metal pipes like cast iron and galvanized steel, you would find red patches. These are signs of rust.

Before you even notice that your pipes are becoming discolored, you could find that your water is taking on a different hue. This is also a red flag indicating corrosion within the pipe, which you should address immediately to avoid a pipe burst.

Checking the pipes that you can see a couple of times per year will help you stay ahead of potential disasters.

Your House Stinks

A stinky house isn’t preferable, and if it smells like sulfur or rotten eggs, it could be a plumbing issue. Your home’s vents should be pulling sewer odor up and out of your home, while every drain has a trap with water at the bottom that holds in odors.

A sewage smell indicates a potential sewer line problem, which could be from a vent crack or a dry trap. Rotten egg odor can also be a sign of a gas leak, and these are all plumbing issues to handle quickly for the safety of everyone in your home.

A Water Patch on the Lawn

If you haven’t had any rain recently, don’t have a pool, and still find a random puddle of water sitting in your yard, there is a chance your sewer pipe has cracked (or potentially collapsed). The same can be said if you find a soft spot, sunken spot, or a patch of grass that is much brighter than the rest.

Repeat Clogs

A few clogs here and there are normal. But if you’re pulling the plunger out all the time, something is going on. This is especially true if other locations, like your shower or sinks, are also backing up. Having issues with slow drains throughout your home typically means tree roots are in the sewer lines.

As hard as you may try to keep your pipes clear, all sorts of things still get into them – debris, dust, grease, hair, etc. And sometimes, the clog is deep within your plumbing system, making it more challenging to locate and clear properly. These instances constitute a plumbing emergency, so you should call immediately to stay ahead of the problem.

Running Water Meter for No Reason

This is a basic test to see if you have any underlying issues: shut off all the water fixtures and any appliances that use water, then check to see if the meter is still running. If it is, then you most likely have a hidden leak driving up your monthly water bills.

Multiple Low Water Pressure Areas

While low pressure throughout your home could mean that there’s a problem with the municipal water supply, it’s also a warning sign of a leak. One slow location could be an issue with the aerator, which is a problem a professional plumber can handle if you don’t feel comfortable.

Overflowing Gutters

If your gutters aren’t doing their job, it could be linked back to a downspout clog that’s overflowing into the gutters. This excess water can cause damage to any wood attached to gutters, as well as nearby soffits, fascia, and shingles.

Peeling or Bubbling Paint

If you find blistering or cracked sections of the wall, especially in a bathroom, there may be a leak. The same can be said for wallpaper. This is a situation where you should call for a second opinion before fixing the wall – if there is a leak somewhere, mold is soon to follow.

Mold Growth

Speaking of mold and your bathroom walls, if you find colonies forming on cabinets or walls, you could have a pipe leak somewhere. Mold grows in damp, dark environments with organic materials (like wood, drywall, and upholstery) for nutrients. It will only continue to spread and find new places to grow until you find the source and eliminate all growth.

If you’re unsure whether you have a plumbing problem in Torrance, our professionals are here to help! It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your home.