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We Provide Thorough Plumbing Diagnosis & Inspection Services

Your home’s plumbing system works as a whole. When one part is damaged, it can disrupt the entire flow of water on your residential property. Whether you’re experiencing issues with your home’s plumbing or it’s been a while since everything has been thoroughly inspected, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Tupelo and Oxford is here to help. Our highly qualified service professionals know what it takes to keep residential plumbing systems in top condition, from repairing leaking pipes to performing routine maintenance to ensure water continues flowing freely.
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With years of experience providing exceptional plumbing services to home and business owners throughout Tupelo, MS and the surrounding areas, including Oxford and Starkville, you can trust us to perform thorough plumbing diagnosis and inspection services at your home. No matter what type of plumbing problem you’re experiencing on your residential property, we can quickly diagnose the issue and deliver cost-efficient repair solutions. Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Tupelo and Oxford today to learn more about our residential and commercial services and request an estimate for your professional home plumbing inspection.

Benefits of Regular Plumbing Inspections

Like other appliances and systems running throughout your home, your plumbing system is susceptible to wear and tear. Over time, some parts will need maintenance, repair, or replacement. Be sure to ask the service professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Tupelo and Oxford about the maintenance plans available in your area. Scheduling a home plumbing inspection keeps things running smoothly and offers property owners several benefits, including:

  • Improved Water Flow & Pressure – Routine plumbing inspections help prevent pipe damage, ensure water flows smoothly, and help maintain the right volume of water in your pipes 
  • Plumbing Fixtures Will Last Longer – When your home’s plumbing fixtures aren’t properly maintained, they won’t last as long and could deteriorate prematurely. Scheduling an inspection ensures they stay in top condition throughout their life expectancies.
  • Reduced Risk of Plumbing Emergencies – When you schedule a residential plumbing inspection, you reduce your risk of sewage backups, flooding, shut-off valve failures, burst pipes, and other emergency plumbing situations.
  • Reduced Water Bills & Increased System Efficiency – Routine plumbing inspections help property owners save money in the long run by preventing things like leaky faucets and damaged pipes. Our inspections also ensure your system is running efficiently to help you save money on monthly bills. 
  • Reduced Risk of Costly Repairs – When one part of your plumbing system is damaged, other parts of your home can get affected, leading to costly repairs. Through regular plumbing inspections, our service professionals can help prevent significant damage to your plumbing system and reduce the risk of costly repairs in the future.

What Does a Plumbing Inspection Include?

When we perform a plumbing inspection at your property, we’ll go beyond looking in your drains. Our service professionals will thoroughly examine your plumbing system to assess its current condition, including your toilets, sinks, fixtures, supply lines, faucets, bathtubs, showers, water heater, and sump pump. Additionally, we may check your underground sewer pipes and sanitary drains using our video camera inspection services to check for cracks, misalignments, blockages, and tree root intrusion. We may perform the following during your home’s residential plumbing inspection:

  • Clearing and inspecting all cleanouts
  • Inspecting all faucets and fixtures
  • Evaluating the hardness of your water
  • Examining and tuning up toilets
  • Inspecting your main shut-off valve
  • Checking your garbage disposal
  • Performing a complete pressure vacuum breaker check
  • Examining your pressure-reducing valve
  • And more!

Why Choose Us?

When you schedule plumbing inspection and diagnosis services with the experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Tupelo and Oxford, you can rest assured we’ll thoroughly examine your plumbing system to ensure everything runs smoothly, efficiently, and reliably. Some of the key benefits of scheduling professional inspection and diagnosis plumbing services with our team include:

  • Flexible scheduling options at your convenience
  • Guaranteed parts and workmanship
  • Upfront pricing with no overtime charges
  • Punctual service professionals
  • Maintenance plans available
  • Prompt service when you need it

Schedule Your Residential Plumbing Inspection Today

Whether you’re experiencing problems with your plumbing system or it’s time to schedule a routine inspection, the service professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Tupelo and Oxford will arrive on time to perform a quick, thorough evaluation of your system to restore its condition and performance effectively. Ignoring plumbing problems can lead to expensive disasters down the road, so it's important to contact us as soon as you notice something isn't quite right. Contact us today to learn more about our home plumbing inspection and diagnosis services, or request an estimate to get an accurate quote for the plumbing services you need in Tupelo, MS and the surrounding areas, including Oxford and Starkville.

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