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Looking for a plumber in Plainfield? Mr. Rooter Plumbing provides expert repair and service to local homes and businesses and throughout southern Chicago. Our team of licensed, skilled professionals is available 24/7, every day. We work without charging extra fees for night, weekend, or emergency service. And we won’t charge for overtime – ever.

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Anyone who lives and works here in Plainfield – or anywhere in northern Illinois – has to rely on many kinds of pipe systems: piping for water softeners, septic tanks, and drainage systems in addition to all of the standard varieties. Mr. Rooter handles every kind of system, and we’re highly skilled in pipe installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement.

But taking care of your pipes is just part of what we do. Our favorite part of the job is taking care of you.

That’s why we provide you with a written price before we begin our work. We want to surprise you with our courtesy, expertise, and professionalism – not an unexpected final bill.

A job like a pipe installation could make a mess, but we always work neatly and cleanly, with strict attention to detail. When we’re finished, you won’t find a trace of our work anywhere in your home and business.

We respect your time. No one wants to spend the entire afternoon waiting at home for a service call. With Mr. Rooter, you won’t have to. We schedule appointment times, not dates, so you can make the most of your day.

We fix it right the first time – period.

We’re confident in our work and in our parts. That confidence is reflected in one of the industry’s best guarantees.

We invite you to discover what it means to work with a team whose skill is matched only by their dedicated care. The next time you need expert plumber in Plainfield, work with the team whose skill is matched only by their dedication. Call Mr Rooter Plumbing anytime or conveniently schedule an appointment online.


Clogs can slow down and interrupt your busy life, so call on Mr. Rooter right away. If it happens once, it can happen again—and potentially ruin your plans, property, and budget. Once you schedule an appointment, your clog is our problem. We can take care of it ASAP and work around your schedule. Even if your clogs happen at odd hours, we never charge overtime.


Backups on the highway are one thing, but sink backups in the kitchen and toilet backups in the bathrooms happen to the best of us, at the worst times. Don't try to fix it yourself, call Mr. Rooter and stay dry! We can find the source of your home, office, factory, or plant's plumbing problem and help prevent it from recurring.


Inspect your home regularly for plumbing leaks. If you find or suspect a pipe leak, under a cabinet or sink, in the basement, behind the washing machine, or anywhere else on your property, contact Mr. Rooter. Pipe leaks can occur over time due to age, use (or disuse), root infiltration, ground settling and, of course, pipe freezing. Here's an energy efficient tip: Insulate your pipes to prevent heat loss (energy waste) and freezing pipes.

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