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  • shower head

    Shower Habits Your Pipes Wish You Would Retire

    Having spent more than 45 years in the plumbing business, we’ve gotten to know pipes pretty well. That being said, we’ve taken it ...

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  • dirty smelly sink

    How to Eliminate the Stink in Your Sink

    Kitchens are supposed to be filled with the sweets smells of cooked chicken and steamed vegetables, not days old fish and rotting ...

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  • completely furnished bathroom

    Bathroom Basics: Furnishing Your First Apartment

    The bathroom is probably one of the first rooms you’ll like to set up in your new apartment -- after all, it’s one of the most ...

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  • wine glasses in running dishwasher

    How to Clean a Smelly Dishwasher

    For many people, having a dishwasher is indispensable — they save you time and energy, and are better for the environment (because ...

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