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little kids near toilet

5 Things to Teach Your Kids About Your Home’s Plumbing

Here at Mr. Rooter, some of the biggest problems we see are caused by the smallest members of your family. Teaching your kids the basics of plumbing is a great way to prevent future problems and ensure they grow up understanding basic plumbing skills.

Teaching Children Plumbing Skills

1. The toilet isn’t a garbage.

Ages 2+

To a little kid, toilets are pretty cool — you can throw anything in and make it “disappear” with the push of a handle. So one of the first things you should teach your little ones is that only three things should go down the toilet.

2. Don’t let the water run.

Ages 3+

When they’re brushing their teeth or washing their hands, teach your kids not to let the water run. As they get older explain to them the importance of water conservation and steps they can take to preserve water, like shorter showers.

3. What does (and doesn’t) go down the garbage disposal.

Ages 8+

Unfortunately, this is something even a lot of adults don’t know — what you shouldn’t throw down the garbage disposal. A good rule of thumb is to only throw small pieces of food down the disposal after a meal.

Teach your little one to never throw any of the below in the disposal:

  • Grease, fats, or oils used for cooking
  • Stringy, fibrous vegetables
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Foods that expand in water, like pasta
  • Bones, stems, and fruit pits

4. How to use a plunger.

Ages 10+

First things first, teach them the difference between sink and toilet plungers (because the last thing you want is to find them using a toilet plunger in the sink). Then, teach them how to unclog a toilet with a plunger.

5. How to turn off the main water valve.

Ages 12+

A leaking or burst pipe can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. If something should happen while your teenager is home alone, it’s important that they know:

  • Where your home’s main water valve is.
  • How to shut it off.

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